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馬來西亞的ICT市場 (2015年) :10大預測

Malaysia ICT 2015 Top 10 Predictions

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 26 Pages
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馬來西亞的ICT市場 (2015年) :10大預測 Malaysia ICT 2015 Top 10 Predictions
出版日期: 2015年01月12日 內容資訊: 英文 26 Pages



2015年的馬來西亞、隨著第三方平台技術 (雲端、巨量資料分析、社群商務、行動、IoT等) 的引進的高漲、預計加速技術的革新。






  • 預測1:著重第三方平台的CIO的4分之一,以平台的基礎設施的轉換為焦點
  • 預測2:結束的開端 - 傳統的付款經營模式失去收益的15%
  • 預測3:CMO的30%以上採用積極引進技術的方法
  • 預測4:80億馬來西亞馬幣的固定通訊供應商 - 策略性電信業者的新戰場
  • 預測5:巨量資料,小小的一步 - 轉換的旅行開始
  • 預測6:2015年邁出引進IoT的微小一步
  • 預測7:最重要智慧型手機戰爭轉換戰場
  • 預測8:貨櫃化成為企業行動的主角
  • 預測9:電腦網路攻擊的增加促進資安管理服務的需求
  • 預測10:由於ASEAN經濟共同體的引進,企業和政府的優先順序表提升


  • ICT供應商和供應商導向
  • 適合CIO


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Product Code: MY250965

This IDC study offers an outlook for the ICT marketplace in Malaysia. Innovation in technology continues to accelerate, while the growing adoption of 3rd Platform technologies such as cloud, Big Data and analytics, social business, mobility, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly disrupting the ICT landscape. Organizations are faced with the need to transform as they steer past heightening economic pressures in 2015.

"Malaysia in 2015 is shaping up to for a challenging year as the country deals with the global and local economic impact of depressed oil prices, while at the same time dealing with the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and understanding the country's place within the ASEAN Economic Community framework," says Jim Sailor, Managing Director - ASEAN, IDC Asia/Pacific. "With so many distractions, it will be even more important for the ICT industry to take advantage of the opportunities that will come from transitioning to the 3rd Platform in order to stay competitive in disruptive times," he continues.

Table of Contents


In This Study

Situation Overview

Future Outlook

  • Prediction #1: One-fourth of CIOs Focusing on the 3rd Platform Will Take a Step Back and Focus on Infrastructure Transformation as a Platform to Grow
    • Technical
      • Chief of Infrastructure
      • Chief of Integration
    • Business
      • Chief of Innovation
      • Chief of Intelligence
    • Leadership
      • Chief of Influence
      • Chief of Inspiration
  • Prediction #2: The Beginning of the End: Legacy Payments Business Models Will Lose Up to 15% of Revenues from 2015 to 2020
  • Prediction #3: Over 30% of CMOs Will Take a More Proactive Approach to Technology Adoption to Meet KPIs that Are Increasingly Measured by Customer Outcomes
  • Prediction #4: MYR8-Billion Fixed Telecom - Will Be the New Battlefield for Strategic Telcos
  • Prediction #5: Big Data, Little Steps - The Transformation Journey Will Begin
  • Prediction #6: 2015 Will Mark Baby Steps for Internet of Things (IoT) Adoption as Industries Continue Exploring
  • Prediction #7: The Flagship Smartphone War Will Switch Battlegrounds
  • Prediction #8: Containerization Will Take Center Stage in Enterprise Mobility
  • Prediction #9: The Increasing Cyberattacks Will Drive the Demand in Managed Security Services, But Talent Issues Need to be Resolved for Growth
  • Prediction #10: The ASEAN Economic Community Implementation Will Move Up on the Priority List for Enterprises and the Government

Essential Guidance

  • Call for Action for ICT Vendors and Providers
  • Essential Guidance for CIOs

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  • Related Research
  • Synopsis

List of Figures

  • Figure: Strategic Customer Engagement Platforms
  • Figure: Total Addressable Market for Fixed Line Telecom Providers
  • Figure: Top 3 Criteria in Telecom Service Providers
  • Figure: Malaysia Big Data Spending 2013-2018
  • Figure: IoT Ecosystem
  • Figure: IoT Adoption in Malaysia
  • Figure: Market Share of Vendors in Malaysia Smartphone Market
  • Figure: Malaysia Smartphone Market Price Band Forecast
  • Figure: Asia/Pacific Enterprise Mobility MaturityScape 2014
  • Figure: Current Mobility Management Solution
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