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Worldwide Server 2015 Top 10 Predictions: Software to Define Integrated, Disaggregated Systems

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 17 Pages
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全球伺服器市場10大預測:以軟體定義系統的整合/分離 Worldwide Server 2015 Top 10 Predictions: Software to Define Integrated, Disaggregated Systems
出版日期: 2014年12月10日 內容資訊: 英文 17 Pages







  • 預測的檢驗


  • 預測1:伺服器市場廠商業界更加整合
  • 預測2:整合伺服器的分離開始
  • 預測3:軟體定義的方法,對伺服器選擇產生很大的影響
  • 預測4:聚合式基礎設施相關的非凡生命週期,對大量客戶來說富有魅力
  • 預測5:Docker的崛起使空機軟體容器的應用封裝化,對伺服器供應商是向下壓力
  • 預測6:技術迅速的進步,超過接受變化的IT的能力
  • 預測7:IoT資料的增加,促進資料集中伺服器和網路的發展
  • 預測8:M2M的資料數量,接近人所創造的資料數量
  • 預測9:ARM生態系統,從低電力伺服器向IoT實現要素演進
  • 預測10:違反內部部署的資料安全,使外部部署的伺服器發展增加


  • 對供應商
  • 對終端用戶組織


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  • 全球伺服器市場10大預測
Product Code: 252901

This IDC study provides IDC's top 10 predictions for the worldwide server market for 2015. This document offers the views of IDC's server analysts about which major industry transitions will start, continue, or come to fruition during 2015.

"As the industry shifts to the 3rd Platform, trends such as cloud, social, mobile, and big data are significantly impacting the worldwide server market by creating new opportunities and challenges," says Jed Scaramella, research director, Servers and Datacenters. "Even while the overall market exhibits modest growth, there exist segments of growth and profit opportunities; future success depends on innovation in product technologies and targeted go-to-market strategies."

Table of Contents


In This Study

Situation Overview

  • Reviewing 2014 Predictions

Future Outlook

  • 1. The Vendor Community in the Server Market Will Consolidate Further
  • 2. Disaggregation of Integrated Servers Will Begin in 2015
  • 3. The Software-Defined Approach Will Begin to Heavily Influence Server Selections
  • 4. The Singular Life Cycle Associated with Converged Infrastructure Will Become an Attraction for More Customers
  • 5. The Emergence of Docker to Package Applications for Containers on Bare Metal Will Place Downward Pressure on Server Vendors
  • 6. Rapid Technology Evolution Will Surpass IT's Ability to Embrace Change
  • 7. IoT Data Growth Will Promote Development of Data Aggregation Servers and Networks
  • 8. The Volume of M2M Data Will Approach That of Human-Generated Data in 2015
  • 9. The ARM Ecosystem Will Evolve from Low-Power Server to IoT Enabler
  • 10. On-Premises Data Security Breaches Will Lead to an Increase in Off-Premises Server Deployments

Essential Guidance

  • Advice for Suppliers
  • Advice for End-User Organizations

Learn More

  • Related Research
  • Synopsis

List of Tables

  • Table: Worldwide Server 2014 Top 10 Predictions
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