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Multi-Mode Microplate Reader Trends 2015

出版商 HTStec Ltd 商品編碼 217786
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 61 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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多功能微量盤式分析儀趨勢 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader Trends 2015
出版日期: 2015年11月02日 內容資訊: 英文 61 Pages



  • 摘要整理
  • 目錄
  • 調查手法
  • 受訪者的實驗室
  • 受訪者的出身地區
  • 受訪者的企業/組織
  • 受訪者的工作職位
  • 目前MM盤式分析儀的使用趨勢
  • 在受訪者的實驗室能看到的供應商的MM盤式分析儀
  • 在受訪者的實驗室最常用的供應商的MM盤式分析儀
  • 每實驗室/群組的MM陽極讀卡機數
  • MM盤式分析儀的功能的平均壽命
  • MM盤式分析儀最常用的應用領域
  • MM盤式分析儀的購買選擇比品牌的影響
  • MM盤式分析儀的偏好的品牌(廠商)
  • MM陽極讀卡器的品牌忠誠度的期間
  • 變更偏好的MM盤式分析儀品牌,影響此決策的東西
  • 調查結果摘要(1)
  • 價格對MM盤式分析儀購買選擇的影響
  • 受訪者會考慮購買同等性而廉價但不知道的品牌
  • 過去3年的MM盤式分析儀的平均價格
  • 完整規格的MM盤式分析儀的價格點
  • 各種MM盤式分析儀檢測模式的目前使用方法
  • 各種MM盤式分析儀檢測模式的未來使用法
  • 各種MM盤式分析儀檢測模式的未來變化預測
  • 對MM盤式分析儀使用無標籤檢測的目前層級
  • 受訪者對無標籤在MM盤式分析儀上的經驗
  • 無標籤在MM盤式分析儀上首選的未來展開
  • 預計將有最大附加價值的盤式分析儀可進入的化驗/應用領域
  • 對MM盤式分析儀追加細胞成像的意見
  • 追加細胞成像能力對購買MM盤式分析儀的影響
  • 細胞成像選擇對受訪者購買下一台MM盤式分析儀的重要性
  • 化驗受訪者尋求的多倍儀
  • 對特殊分析儀現有的FLT提供之相關意見
  • 在引進讀出裝置上FLT提供不足對MM盤分析儀的影響
  • 調查結果摘要(2)
  • 培養3D細胞時,非成像讀出在MM盤式分析儀上的效用
  • 培養3D細胞的讀出,MM盤式分析儀最需要改善的地方
  • 新的MM盤式分析儀的平均購買頻率
  • 汰換老化的MM盤式分析儀的必要性相關購買決策的頻率
  • MM盤式分析儀的年度預算
  • 每筆預算的已購買MM盤式分析儀數量
  • 購買MM盤式分析儀的未來可能性
  • 全球MM盤式分析儀市場預測
  • 供應商對MM盤式分析儀系統購買的關心(1)
  • 供應商對MM盤式分析儀系統購買的關心(2)
  • 目前MM盤式分析儀市場的廠商市場佔有率
  • 未來MM盤式分析儀市場的廠商市場佔有率
  • 購買新的MM盤式分析儀的情況下,受訪者得到產品資訊的地方
  • 決定購買新的MM盤式分析儀的主要的推動因素
  • 會考慮中古/修復後的MM盤式分析儀的受訪者
  • 可靠性相關MM盤式分析儀供應商的經驗
  • 反應性相關MM盤式分析儀供應商的經驗
  • 對話型方法相關MM盤式分析儀供應商的經驗
  • 回饋受訪者
  • 調查結果摘要(3)



This market report summarizes the results of HTStec's 4th industry-wide global web-based benchmarking survey on multi-mode microplate readers carried out in September 2013.

The survey looked at the following aspects of multi-mode (MM) plate readers as practiced today (2013) and in a few cases as predicted for the future (2016):
  • Vendor's MM plate readers present in respondents lab
  • Number of MM plate readers in respondent's lab and average functional lifetime of readers; application areas where MM plate readers are most used
  • Influence of brand on purchasing selection; preferred brand and duration of brand loyalty
  • Average price paid for a MM plate reader in the past 3 years
  • Current level of interest/use in label-free detection on a MM plate reader
  • Whether existing label-free options on a MM plate reader have met expectations
  • MM plate reader accessible assays/applications respondent's expect label-free to add most value
  • Level of importance on having cell imaging enabled on respondent's next purchase of a MM plate reader
  • Assays which respondent's currently run on MM plate reader they would like to multiplex (correlate) with microwell cell imaging
  • Usefulness of bulk fluorescence readout in detecting changes in 3D cell cultures derived from various approaches
  • Where MM plate reader manufacturers should improve their offerings with respect to reading 3D cell cultures
  • Where respondents get most product information when considering the purchase of a new MM plate reader
  • Customer experience of MM plate reader vendors with respect to dependability, responsiveness and interactive approach
  • Feedback given to plate reader vendors looking to retain/attract respondent's custom, loyalty and interest in the future.

Key Points Discovered in this Report:

  • The MM plate reader most frequently found in respondent's lab was from PerkinElmer.
  • The MM plate readers most used in respondent's labs were from Molecular Devices or PerkinElmer.
  • A median of 2 MM plate readers were found in each respondent's lab.
  • The median average functional lifetime of MM plate reader was 8 years.
  • The application area where respondent's MM plate readers were most used was basic research.
  • 33% of respondents did not have a preferred MM plate reader brand (manufacturer).
  • Absorbance and glow luminescence were the most used MM plate reader detection modalities.
  • Opinion on the future deployment/availability of label-free on MM plate readers was mixed.
  • The average median purchasing frequency for a new MM plate reader was every 6-7 years. Greatest interest was expressed in purchasing Molecular Devices - SpectraMax i3 MM plate reader.
Please note this report is focused exclusively on MM plate readers.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Survey Methodology
  • Lab Origin of Survey Respondents
  • Respondent's Geographic Origin
  • Respondent's Company or Organisational Origin
  • Respondent's Job Role
  • Current Use of MM Plate Readers
  • Vendor's MM Plate Readers Found in Respondent's Labs
  • Vendor's MM Plate Reader Most Used in Respondent's Labs
  • Number of MM Plate Readers per Lab or Group
  • Expected Average Functional Lifetime of MM Plate Readers
  • Application Areas Where a MM Plate Reader is Most Used
  • Influence of Brand on Purchasing Selection of a MM Plate Reader
  • Preferred Brand (Manufacturer) of MM Plate Reader
  • Duration of Brand Loyalty for a MM Plate Reader
  • What Most Influences a Decision to Change Preferred MM Reader Brand
  • Summary of Survey Findings (1)
  • Influence of Price on Purchasing Selection of a MM Plate Reader
  • Respondents Who Would Consider Purchasing an Unknown Brand if it Offered Equal Performance But Lower Price
  • Average Price Paid for a MM Plate Reader Over the Past 3 Years
  • Price-Point for a Fully Specified MM Plate Reader
  • Current (2013) Usage of Different MM Plate Reader Detection Modalities
  • Future (2016) Usage of Different MM Plate Reader Detection Modalities
  • Anticipated Future Change in Different MM Reader Detection Modalities
  • Current Level of Use of Label-Free Detection on a MM Plate Reader
  • Respondent's Experience of Label-Free on a MM Plate Reader
  • Preferred Future Deployment of Label-Free on MM Plate Readers
  • Respondent Feedback on Plate Reader Accessible Assays/Applications Where They Expect Label-Free Will Add Most Value
  • Opinion on the Addition of Cell Imaging to a MM Plate Reader
  • Influence of Cell Imaging Capability on the Purchasing of MM Plate Readers
  • Importance of Having a Cell Imaging Option on the Respondent's Next Purchase of MM Plate Reader
  • Assays Respondents Want to Multiplex With an Image of a Well
  • Opinion on Existing Provision of FLT on Specialty Readers
  • Effect of Lack of FLT Provision on a MM Reader on Readout Adoption
  • Summary of Survey Findings (2)
  • Usefulness of a Non-Imaging Readout on a MM Plate Reader for 3D Cell Cultures
  • Where MM Plate Readers Need to Improve Most When Reading 3D Cell Cultures
  • Average Purchasing Frequency of a New MM Plate Reader
  • How Often is a Purchasing Decision Related to the Need to Replace an Aging MM Plate Reader
  • 2013 Annual Budget for MM Plate Readers
  • Number of MM Plate Readers Purchased Per Budget
  • Future Probability of Purchasing a MM Plate Reader
  • Global Market Estimate for MM Plate Readers
  • Interest in Purchasing Vendor's MM Plate Reader Systems (1)
  • Interest in Purchasing Vendor's MM Plate Reader Systems (2)
  • Current Vendor Share of MM plate Reader Market
  • Future Vendor Share of MM plate Reader Market
  • Where Respondents Get Most Product Information When Purchasing a New MM Plate Reader
  • Main Drivers in Reaching a Purchasing Decision for a New MM Plate Reader
  • Respondents Who Would Consider a Used or Refurbished MM Plate Reader
  • Experience of MM Plate Reader Vendor With Respect to Dependability
  • Experience of MM Plate Reader Vendor With Respect to Responsiveness
  • Experience of MM Plate Reader Vendor With Respect to Interactive Approach
  • Feedback Respondents Would Give a Vendor Looking to Retain/Attract Their Custom, Loyalty & Interest in the Future
  • Summary of Survey Findings (3)
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