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市場調查報告書 - 201496


Business Strategy: Central and Eastern Europe Healthcare Challenges and IT Solutions, 2011

出版商 IDC Health Insights
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 fo Pages
中歐及東歐醫療方面課題與資訊科技解決方案(2011年) Business Strategy: Central and Eastern Europe Healthcare Challenges and IT Solutions, 2011
出版日期: 2011年06月14日 內容資訊: 英文 fo Pages




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  • 課題
    • 更有效率地活用資源
      • 控製藥劑費用
      • 更有效率地活用人材
    • 滿足日益增加的醫療服務需求
      • 更有效率地管理醫療服務消費
        • 加強預防保健
        • 改善照護服務


  • 取而代之的規模
    • 電子藥方
    • 序列化
    • 促進行為的改變
      • 從遠距離治療到行動保健
      • 電子病歷到個人醫療記錄
    • 分析
  • 主要的策略性要素
    • 相關利益者的動機
    • 互相運用性
    • 集中管理的必要性


  • 業界的影響
  • 法律上的影響



  • 相關調查
  • 定義
  • 要點




This IDC Health Insights study presents the business case for the accelerated adoption of information technology in the healthcare sectors of Central and Eastern European countries, with a focus on the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania. The study details those healthcare sector challenges in the region that can most readily be met by information technology solutions in 2011 and thus focuses on eprescription, serialization, telemedicine, mobile health, electronic health record, and analytics technologies.

"The healthcare IT landscape is shifting in Central and Eastern Europe, but it is shifting too slowly. Despite the IT adoption drivers found elsewhere in the world also being are present here, such as unsustainable costs, growing chronic disease load, and an aging population, strong and clear leadership is lacking and motivation for adoption is in short supply. Healthcare stakeholders must therefore build better business cases for IT adoption in the region." — Senior Research Analyst Heather Keyes, IDC Health Insights CEMA

Table of Contents

  • IDC Health Insights Opinion
  • In This Study
  • Situation Overview
    • Challenges
      • Use Resources More Efficiently
        • Control Pharmaceutical Costs
        • Better Utilize Human Resources
      • Meet Rising Demand for Healthcare Services
        • Better Manage Consumption of Healthcare Services
          • Increase Preventative Care
          • Improve Coordination of Care
  • The Approach
    • Framing the Alternatives
      • ePrescription
      • Serialization
      • Fostering Behavior Change
        • From Telemedicine to mHealth
        • From Electronic Health Records to Personal Health Records
      • Analytics
    • Key Strategic Elements
      • Stakeholder Motivation
      • Interoperability
      • Degree of Centralization Necessary
  • Future Outlook
    • Industry Impact
    • Legislative Impact
  • Essential Guidance
    • Actions to Consider
  • Learn More
    • Related Research
    • Definitions
    • Synopsis
  • Table: Key Healthcare Indicators in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Table: Definition of IDC' s Healthcare Vertical Market by NACE Category
  • Figure: Percentage of Total Healthcare Expenditure Spent on Pharmaceuticals by Country, 2004–2008
  • Figure: Healthcare Workforce by Country, 2009
  • Figure: Healthy Life Years Versus Life Expectancy for Females in CEE, by Country, 2009
  • Figure: Number of Annual Doctor Consultations Per 1,000 Inhabitants by Country (Latest Available Year)
  • Figure: Acute Care Infrastructure and Consumption by Country (Latest Available Year)
  • Figure: Percentage of Tobacco Users by Country, 2009
  • Figure: Percentage of the Population Living in Urban Areas, 2009
  • Figure: Connecting CEE' s Healthcare Challenges to IT Solutions
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