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Global Water Intelligence Market Insight: Vietnam

出版商 Global Water Intelligence 商品編碼 289189
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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全球水市場分析:越南 Global Water Intelligence Market Insight: Vietnam
出版日期: 2014年10月30日 內容資訊: 英文


本報告提供越南的水資源相關市場 (自來水、污水、水資源再利用) 相關分析、國內水資源現況和政府的基本政策、現在、未來的主要計劃的資訊、今後的市場趨勢預測和方向性等調查、主要公共事業企業的基本資料資料庫化,為您概述為以下內容。



第1章 越南的水市場

  • 指標概要
  • 課題的背景情況和概要
  • 水資源相關部門的組織及結構
    • 主要的政府機關
    • 其他機關
    • 越南的市區分類
    • 供水和污水處理服務供應商
    • 自來水服務供應商
    • 污水服務供應商
  • 政府的水資源策略
    • 越南全境的水資源策略
    • 都市區的自來水計劃
    • 都市區的污水計劃
    • RWSS (農村自來水、衛生) 計劃
  • 水的利用可能性及需求
    • 水的利用可能性
    • 各領域的水需求
  • 城市用供水和污水處理
    • 在越南的飲料水源
      • 都市區的自來水
      • 農村的自來水
    • 水處理
    • 越南的衛生
    • 排水處理
    • 淡水化
  • 自來水的資金籌措
    • 資金來源
      • 自來水費用
      • 對發展中國家的援助 (ODA) 資金
    • 今後的投資需求
      • 城市的供水和污水處理
      • RWSS
    • 經常的經費
  • 民間部門的參與計劃
    • 有關民間進入自來水部門的一般課題
    • PPP (官民聯盟) 的法規結構
      • 政令108號 (Decree 108)
      • 決策71號 (Decision 71)
      • 股票化資產
      • 民間契約
  • 供水和污水處理基礎設施的採購流程
    • 採購流程概要
    • 標準的公共採購
      • 法律上的標準採購
      • 實際的標準採購
    • 國際金融機關 (IFI) 的資金籌措計劃
    • 以兩國間援助為基礎的資金籌措計劃
    • 其他民營企業的市場機會
    • 貪污
  • 供應鏈
    • 諮詢工程師
    • 施工業者
    • 民間業者
    • 設備供應商
  • 越南國內的現在、未來的主要計劃
  • 今後的市場方向性
    • 概要
    • 市場預測的相關註記
  • 市場預測

第2章 越南的公共事業企業:資料庫 (共76家)

  • 所屬國
  • 企業名
  • 地址
  • 電話號碼
  • 網站
  • 代表電子郵件地址
  • 供水服務
  • 下水道服務
  • 排水/雨水服務
  • 其他服務
  • 服務領域的種類、說明
  • 擁有結構
  • 所有者/承包商的名稱
  • 供水、下水道服務利用人口
  • 供水、下水道的連接戶數
  • 自來水管/污水管網路 (km)
  • 代表公司名 (職位、電子郵件、電話號碼)



The Vietnamese water and wastewater sector is an excellent market that is just about to take off. Many factors are making this a very attractive market for the private sector including the country's rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, a projected GDP growth rate of over 8%, government support for private sector participation and major funding from official development assistance donors.

Taking all these factors into account, capital expenditure is set to treble from $300 million in 2011 to $830 million by 2018 - and now is the time to plan your involvement in this growing market. We explore opportunities in donor-financed WTP, WWTP and networks projects as well as a growing market for private WWTPs to serve industrial zones, real estate developments and resorts.

Global Water Intelligence Market Insight: Vietnam will explore the best opportunities for the private sector, analyse the procurement models and supply chains and give you concrete sales leads via project trackers and a utilities database.

*This report will not include any regulations data.*

** This report is a PDF only publication**

Market drivers and opportunities

The Vietnamese government are putting urban water and wastewater coverage high on their list of priorities over the next decade - aiming to achieve 100% water coverage and 50-80% centralised water collection and treatment by 2025.

We explore the opportunities in the water treatment plant (WTP), wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and network projects and show you the best avenues for private sector involvement:

  • Official development assistance (ODA) donor projects - this report identifies the most prominent donor organisations, analyses exactly how their projects work and assess the opening for international private companies, dependent on the donor that is running the project. This in-depth analysis will allow you to realistically assess the opportunities for your business in these projects.
  • Private-private contracts - the market for foreign companies to work on WTP and WWTPs is growing rapidly. We analyse the trends and regulatory frameworks that are driving this growth; the most common contracts and the opportunities they offer; and exactly how you can get involved in these projects ahead of your competition.
  • Private operators - the report offers a realistic insight into the opportunities for private operators in this market and analyse the potential openings for your business in the future.

Accessing the market

This market insight report gives you invaluable advice from industry insiders on how to do business in this country, so you can break into the market or increase your existing presence.

By interviewing experts who have concrete experience in that country, we reveal how the market works in practice and give you strategies to successfully enter the supply chain, offering:

  • Analysis of procurement processes and market penetration strategies
  • Supply chain analysis
  • A list of key water market players and who your potential partners or competitors will be
  • Possible ways to enter the supply chain alongside the dominant market players


A database of 76 water utilities in Vietnam...

We have already highlighted that there are increasing opportunities for the private sector in Vietnam, and have given strategies for accessing these opportunities.

The final part of this report will allow you to follow up this advice with concrete sales leads and a deep understanding of each water utility and its service. We give you direct access to and contacts details for each utility and the decision maker where possible.

For each utility you will receive the following information:

  • Country
  • State
  • Utility name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Website
  • General email address
  • Water services
  • Wastewater services
  • Drainage/stormwater service
  • Other services
  • Service area type
  • Service area description
  • Ownership type
  • Name of the owner/contract operator
  • Population served water (number)
  • Population served wastewater (number)
  • Water connections (number)
  • Wastewater connections (number)
  • Water pipe network (km)
  • Wastewater pipe network (km)
  • Name of Head of the organisation
  • Job title
  • E-mail
  • Phone number

Forecasts and datasets

Accompanying spreadsheets and datasets

The report is accompanied by two spreadsheets, which contain the market forecast and additional datasets.

Market forecast spreadsheets

The market forecast spreadsheet brings together the forecast information from the end of the market section of the report, so that you can manipulate the information.

The forecasts included are:

  • Utility capital expenditure by spending area.
  • Industrial capital expenditure by industry.
  • Utility equipment capital expenditure by equipment line.
  • Industrial equipment capital expenditure by equipment line.
  • Utility water and wastewater operating expenditure.
  • Utility and industrial expenditure on chemicals.

Additional datasets

The datasets spreadsheet provides the following supplementary information to the report, as appropriate for the country.

Water and wastewater indicators.

A dataset that gives context to the report by quantifying the level of utility coverage. See the Indicators of utility service coverage section on the following page for full details.

Water and watsewater utilities.

A dataset of utilities that serve more then 50,000 people. Where available, data fields include state/region/province and city (where applicable), utility name, address, phone, website, general email address, water services, wastewater services, drainage / stormwater service, other services, service area type, service area description, ownership type , name of owner / contract operator (when there is private sector involvement), population served water, population served wastewater , water connections , wastewater connections , water pipe network length, wastewater pipe network length, head of organisation name, job title, email address and phone number.

Private contracts.

A dataset of awarded contracts with some degree of private sector participation. Where available, data fields include start year, end year, contract type (e.g. O&M), contract scope, contract name, private company, water population served, wastewater population served, water capacity, wastewater capacity, stake held by company, project type (e.g. BOT), contract length (years), contract value, expected cost, client.

Table of Contents

Publication information

Executive summary

  • Opportunities
    • ODA financed projects
    • Private-private contracts
    • Private operators
  • Accompanying spreadsheets and datasets
  • Forecast categories
    • Utility and industrial forecast category definitions
  • Indicators of utility service coverage
    • Indicators of water service coverage
    • Indicators of wastewater service coverage
  • Other market reports from Global Water Intelligence
    • Country market reports
    • Primary research reports
    • Other reports
  • Consulting services

1. Vietnam

  • 1.1 Overview of indicators
    • Figure 1.1 Population projections, 2010-2020
    • Figure 1.2 Economic indicators
  • 1.2 Context and overview of challenges
  • 1.3 Water sector organisation and structure
    • Figure 1.3 Governmental ministries and agencies responsible for the water sector in Vietnam
      • 1.3.1 Main governmental agencies
      • 1.3.2 Other agencies
      • 1.3.3 Classification of urban areas in Vietnam
        • Figure 1.4 Classification of Vietnam's urban areas and future projections
      • 1.3.4 Water and wastewater service providers
        • Water service providers
          • Figure 1.5 Water utilities in Vietnam, 2009
        • Wastewater service providers
  • 1.4 Government's water strategy
    • 1.4.1 Vietnam's national water strategy
    • 1.4.2 Urban water plans
      • Figure 1.6 Vietnam's water targets for urban areas, 2015-2025
    • 1.4.3 Urban wastewater plans
      • Figure 1.7 Vietnam's wastewater targets for urban areas, 2015-2025
    • 1.4.4 Rural water supply and sanitation (RWSS) programme
      • Figure 1.8 National Target Programme (NTP) for RWSS - targets to be met by 2015
  • 1.5 Water availability and demand
    • 1.5.1 Water availability
      • Figure 1.9 Water resources in Vietnam, 2011
    • 1.5.2 Sectoral water demand
      • Figure 1.10 Freshwater withdrawal in Vietnam by sector, 2005
      • Figure 1.11 Water withdrawal in Vietnam by water source, 2005
  • 1.6 Municipal water and wastewater
    • 1.6.1 Drinking water sources in Vietnam
      • Figure 1.12 Breakdown of households in Vietnam by main drinking water source, 2002-2010
      • Figure 1.13 Breakdown of households in urban & rural areas of Vietnam by main drinking water source, 2010
        • Urban water supply
          • Figure 1.14 Performance of water utilities in Vietnam in 2009
          • Figure 1.16 Total water produced in Vietnam, 2007-2009
        • Rural water supply
    • 1.6.2 Water treatment
      • Figure 1.17 The 10 largest WTPs in Vietnam
      • Figure 1.18 Water supply indicators
      • Figure 1.19 Wastewater indicators
    • 1.6.3 Sanitation in Vietnam
    • 1.6.4 Wastewater treatment
      • Figure 1.20 Existing WWTPs in Vietnam, 2012
    • 1.6.5 Desalination
  • 1.7 Water finance
    • 1.7.1 Funding sources
      • Tariffs
        • Figure 1.21 Water tariffs in Hanoi and HCMC, 2012
      • Official development assistance (ODA) funding
        • Figure 1.22 ODA funding in Vietnam's water and wastewater sector since 1996
    • 1.7.2 Future investment needs
      • Urban water and wastewater
        • Figure 1.24 Future investment needs to achieve water supply targets by 2020
        • Figure 1.25 Future investment needs to achieve drainage and wastewater targets by 2020
      • Rural water supply and sanitation programme (RWSS)
        • Figure 1.26 Budget for RWSS implementation, 2012-2015
    • 1.7.3 Operating expenditure
      • Figure 1.27 Estimated water utility operating costs, 2007-2009
  • 1.8 Private sector participation
    • 1.8.1 General issues regarding private involvement in the water sector
    • 1.8.2 Regulatory framework for PPP
      • Decree 108
      • Decision 71
      • Equitised assets
      • Private-private contracts
        • Figure 1.28 JICA PPP preparatory survey funded projects
  • 1.9 Procurement process for water and wastewater infrastructure
    • 1.9.1 Overview of the procurement process
    • 1.9.2 Standard public procurement
      • Standard procurement on paper
      • Standard procurement in practice
    • 1.9.3 IFI-financed projects
    • 1.9.4 Bilateral donor-financed projects
    • 1.9.5 Other opportunities for private companies
    • 1.9.6 Corruption
  • 1.10 Supply chain
    • 1.10.1 Consulting engineers
      • Figure 1.29 Consulting engineers active in Vietnam
    • 1.10.2 Contractors
      • Figure 1.30 EPC companies active in Vietnam
    • 1.10.3 Private operators
    • 1.10.4 Equipment suppliers
      • Figure 1.31 Equipment suppliers active in Vietnam
  • 1.11 Current and future key projects in Vietnam
    • Figure 1.32 Current and future projects funded by the ADB and World Bank in Vietnam
    • Figure 1.33 List of future WWTPs in Vietnam
    • Figure 1.34 List of future WTPs in Vietnam
  • 1.12 Future market directions
    • 1.12.1 Overview
    • 1.12.2 Notes on the market forecast
  • 1.13 Market forecast
    • Figure 1.35 Market forecast, 2011-2018
    • Figure 1.36 Market forecast breakdown, 2013
    • Figure 1.37 Market forecast data, 2011-2018
    • Figure 1.38 Industrial markets, 2013-2017

2. Vietnam - Utilities

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