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美國的批發DER (分散式能源資源) 聚合:2016年第3季

U.S. Wholesale DER Aggregation: Q3 2016

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美國的批發DER (分散式能源資源) 聚合:2016年第3季 U.S. Wholesale DER Aggregation: Q3 2016
出版日期: 2016年11月01日 內容資訊: 英文

本報告調查美國的批發DER (分散式能源資源) 聚合趨勢,提供您主要的ISO (獨立系統運用機關) 及RTO (地區供電機關),ISO/RTO域內主要的DR (需量反應) 整合業者,彙整各種域內的發展趨勢與市場機會,主要的倡議·計劃,未來展望等資料。


第1章 簡介·調查範圍

第2章 本期的要點

第3章 PJM Interconnection

第4章 MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator)

第5章 CAISO (California Independent System Operator)

第6章 ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas)

第7章 附錄


  • 本期的要點
    • ISO/RTO域內主要的DR (需量反應) 整合業者
  • PJM互相連接
    • PJM市場上需量反應
    • PJM的主要整合業者
    • CSP收益
    • 需量反應的可用性
    • 負擔管理需量反應的每月容量收益
    • 可利用的DR容量:各類型
    • PJM能源市場
    • PJM每月RTO頂峰的轉變
    • PJM需量反應兆瓦
    • SCRSTF (Seasonal Capacity Resources Senior Task Force)的工作計劃
  • MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator)
    • MISO需量反應計劃概要
    • 需量反應和BTM電源
    • MISO的緊急營運的通訊
    • 容量緊急時間軸
    • MISO容量的緊急的時候的次序等
  • CAISO (California Independent System Operator)
    • 平均DR容量
    • CAISO需量反應計劃
    • 1個月可利用的需量反應:公共事業別
    • 1個月客戶的獎勵:公共事業別
    • 客戶的獎勵:公共事業別
    • Southern California Edison客戶的獎勵
    • 每IOU的DRAM的最低目標容量
    • DRAM的轉變
    • DRAM的勝者
    • PG&E DRAM 競標結果
    • SDG&E DRAM 競標結果
    • SCE DRAM 競標結果等
  • ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas)
    • ERCOT監督計劃的時間表
    • 1個月的負擔資源可用性
    • 負擔資源的登記整合業者
    • 緊急應變服務時間
    • 緊急應變服務的採購
    • ERS-10整合業者最高容量
    • ERS-30整合業者最高容量
    • ERCOT頂峰容量記錄等
  • 附錄



This GTM Research quarterly series provides data and analysis for the ISO/RTO markets where distributed energy resources are making headway. Each report assesses key developments and opportunities in each territory, from standalone initiatives to bundled resource programs. The report also provides forward-looking insights on market size and potential for demand-side flexibility through various demand response (DR) programs.

Updates in Major Electricity Markets in the U.S.
With Established DR Mechanisms

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction and Scope
  • 2. Key Takeaways, Q3 2016
  • 3. PJM Interconnection
  • 4. Midcontinent Independent System Operator
  • 5. California Independent System Operator
  • 6. Electric Reliability Council of Texas
  • 7. Appendix

List of Figures

2. Key Takeaways, Q3 2016

  • Select National Demand Response Aggregators Registered Within ISO/RTO Territories
  • Behind-the-Meter Generation in MISO, PJM and SPP in Delivery Year 2016/2017

3. PJM Interconnection

  • Demand Response in PJM Markets
  • Select National Aggregators in PJM
  • CSP Revenues to Date by Market (2016)
  • Demand Response Availability in 2016
  • Load Management Demand Response Monthly Capacity Revenue
  • Available DR Capacity by Type
  • PJM Energy Markets
  • PJM Monthly RTO Peaks, 2010-2016
  • PJM Demand Response Committed Megawatts by Delivery Year
  • 2016-17 Seasonal Capacity Resources Senior Task Force (SCRSTF) Work Plan for Addressing the Seasonal Resources Problem Statement

4. Midcontinent Independent System Operator

  • MISO Demand Respond Program Description
  • Demand Respond and Behind-the-Meter Generation in MISO
  • General Guide to MISO's Emergency Operations Messaging
  • July 21 Capacity Emergency Timeline
  • MISO Capacity Emergency Procedure
  • Planning Resource Auction (PRA) 2016/2017 Clearing Prices and Volumes
  • 2016 Timeline for CRS Filing with FERC
  • MISO's Prioritized Market Enhancement Projects Impacting Demand Response

5. California Independent System Operator

  • Average DR Capacity as of July 2016
  • CAISO-Administered Demand Response Programs
  • Monthly Available Demand Response by Utility
  • Total Monthly Incentives to Customers by Utility
  • Customer Incentives by Utility from January to July
  • Southern California Edison Customer Incentives for June and July
  • Minimum Target Capacity per IOU for DRAM 2017
  • DRAM Changes From 2016 to 2017
  • DRAM Auction Winners: Estimated Capacity Allocation
  • DRAM Auction Winners: Utility Allocation
  • PG&E DRAM 2017 Auction Results
  • SDG&E DRAM 2017 Auction Results
  • SCE DRAM 2017 Auction Results

6. Electric Reliability Council of Texas

  • ERCOT-Controlled Programs Diagram
  • Monthly Load Resource Availability
  • Aggregators Registered for Load Resources Since May 2016
  • Emergency Response Services Hours
  • Emergency Response Services Procurement February 1 - September 30, 2016
  • Aggregator Maximum Capacity in ERS-10: ERS Generators
  • Aggregator Maximum Capacity in ERS-10: ERS Loads
  • Aggregator Maximum Capacity (MW) in ERS-30: ERS Generators
  • Aggregator Maximum Capacity (MW) in ERS-30: ERS Loads
  • ERCOT Peak Capacity Records
  • ERCOT System Load Curves During 2015 and 2016 Peak Record Days
  • NPRR 667 Post-Mortem Timeline

7. Appendix

  • Independent System Operators and Regional Transmission Organizations
  • Map of Potential ISO/RTO Demand Response
  • Key Demand Response Characteristics
  • DER Aggregation, Coordination and Scheduling Entities
  • Disqualifying the Provision of Emergency DR from Diesel and Other Combustion Engines
  • PJM Capacity Market Timing
  • PJM Demand Response Capacity Products Through Delivery Year 2017/2018
  • PJM Demand Response Products Until Full Capacity Performance is in Effect
  • Load in PJM Territory During Heat Days
  • Load in BGE Territory During PJM Declared Heat Days
  • Estimated Impact of Economic Demand Response Within BG&E Territory
  • PJM Monthly RTO Peaks, 2010-2016
  • MISO: Resolving Price Depression with Offer Floors
  • MISO Capacity Emergency Procedure
  • Emergency Response Services in ERCOT: ERS Procurement Projected Costs June 1- September 30, 2016
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