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革新的新時代 - 全球OSS/BSS市場:值得注意的10家公司

A New Age of Innovation - Global OSS/BSS '10 to Watch' in 2014

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品編碼 296964
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 38 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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革新的新時代 - 全球OSS/BSS市場:值得注意的10家公司 A New Age of Innovation - Global OSS/BSS '10 to Watch' in 2014
出版日期: 2014年02月20日 內容資訊: 英文 38 Pages






1年後 - 值得注意的10家公司(2013年)

  • Amartus
  • Aria Systems
  • Arieso
  • Ensim
  • GoS Networks
  • Mocana
  • Napatech
  • Openwave Mobility
  • Transverse

全球O&M企業 - 值得注意的10家公司(2014年)

  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Amdocs
  • AsiaInfo-Linkage
  • Cyan
  • Cycle30
  • Monolith Software
  • Nuage Networks
  • Omniware Solutions
  • Redknee
  • Shango
Product Code: D532-00-A1-00-00

The ten O&M companies that Stratecast has chosen as its 10 to Watch in 2014 are focused on meeting critical business challenges and technology enablement functions. These companies are included in our list because they deliver innovative solutions that help CSPs transform operations, address new business needs, and help to improve the customer experience.

Table of Contents


Innovation is Essential Now More Than Ever Before

What Makes a Stratecast 10 to Watch Company

Year Seven and Going Strong

One Year Later - 10 to Watch in 2013

  • Amartus (Service Delivery Automation)
  • Aria Systems (SaaS-Based Subscription Billing)
  • Arieso (Location-Aware Resource Management & Planning)
  • CENTRI (Mobile Data Intelligence)
  • Ensim (OSS/BSS for Cloud-Based Offerings)
  • GoS Networks (CSP Policy Control and Enforcement)
  • Mocana (Mobile Application Security)
  • Napatech (Intelligent Real-Time Network Analysis)
  • Openwave Mobility (CSP Policy Application Function)
  • Transverse (Activity-Based Billing)

Global Operations & Monetization 10 to Watch in 2014

  • Alcatel-Lucent (Analytics-Driven Mobile Security and Billing)
  • Amdocs (Self-Organizing Network (SON) Solution for Customer Experience)
  • AsiaInfo-Linkage (Analytics-Driven Business Support)
  • Cyan (SDN NFV Management and Orchestration)
  • Cycle30 (Machine-to-Machine Business Management)
  • Monolith Software (Unified Service Assurance)
  • Nuage Networks (SDN Virtualized Services Enablement)
  • Omniware Solutions (Contract-Based Billing and Partner Compensation)
  • Redknee (Virtualized Billing and Business Support Management)
  • Shango (Unified Fulfillment - Supply Chain Integration)

The Last Word

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Six Years of 10 to Watch
  • Figure 2a: Alcatel-Lucent Motive Big Network Analytics
  • Figure 2b: Alcatel-Lucent Analytics-Driven Solutions
  • Figure 3: Amdocs' Actix SON Architecture
  • Figure 4: AsiaInfo-Linkage Veris Product Suite
  • Figure 5: Cyan's Blue Planet Platform
  • Figure 6: Cycle30 Pivot Platform
  • Figure 7: Monolith Unified Service Assurance
  • Figure 8: Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform Architecture
  • Figure 9: Omnibill Functional Architecture
  • Figure 10: Redknee End-to-End Billing and Customer Care
  • Figure 11: Shango: Sourcing & Inventory Tracking Workflow
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