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SSD的市場分析 (2015年第一季) :數量和容量都擴大

SSD Insights Q1/15: Bigger and Bigger

出版商 Forward Insights 商品編碼 325743
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 37 Pages PPT + Excel spreadsheet
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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SSD的市場分析 (2015年第一季) :數量和容量都擴大 SSD Insights Q1/15: Bigger and Bigger
出版日期: 2015年03月01日 內容資訊: 英文 37 Pages PPT + Excel spreadsheet



  • SSD的收益:各供應商
  • 運算SSD的收益預測
  • 運算SSD的出貨預測
  • 運算SSD的Petabyte預測
  • SSD市場:各技術
  • TLC SSD的預測


  • 客戶SSD的收益:各供應商
  • 筆記型電腦 SSD的預測


  • SSD的平均容量
  • SSD的流通管道價格
  • 客戶SSD的價格
  • 平板電腦SSD的預測
  • 客戶SSD市場:各技術
  • 客戶SSD介面趨勢


  • 企業SSD的收益:各供應商
  • 專屬自保數據中心SSD
  • 企業SSD的收益預測
  • 企業SSD:各尺寸規格
  • 企業SSD:出貨預測
  • 總計企業 (每GB美美元)
  • 企業SSD:各技術
  • 企業SSD:平均 (用戶) 容量
  • 伺服器連接SSD的預測
  • 企業SATA SSD的容量趨勢
  • PCIe SSD的預測
  • 企業預測 (每GB美美元)
  • 儲存連接SSD的預測
  • SAS SSD的容量趨勢


Product Code: FI-NFL-SSD-Q115

SSD volume continued to increase in Q4/14 led by increasing shipments of enterprise SATA and SAS SSDs and shipments into the channel. In tandem with the increasing volume is the increase in drive capacities. Enterprise SATA SSDs have seen a large jump in capacities greater than 500GB last quarter compared to the first quarter of 2014 while the capacities of SAS SSDs continues to grow steadily.

This report provides a forecast of the client and enterprise SSD market out to 2019.

Table of Contents

  • Computing SSD Quarterly Trend
  • Q4/14 SSD Revenues by Supplier
  • Computing SSD Revenue Forecast
  • Computing SSD Unit Forecast
  • Computing SSD Petabyte Forecast
  • SSD Market by Technology
  • TLC SSD Forecast
  • Client SSDs
    • Q4/14 Client SSD Revenues by Supplier
    • Notebook SSD Forecast
  • Client SSDs
    • Average SSD Capacity
    • SSD Channel Pricing
    • Client SSD Pricing
    • Tablet SSD Forecast
    • Client SSD Market by Technology
    • Client SSD Interface Trend
  • Enterprise SSDs
    • Q4/14 Enterprise SSD Revenues by Supplier
    • Captive Datacenter SSD
    • Enterprise SSD Revenue Forecast
    • Enterprise SSD by Form Factor
    • Enterprise SSD Unit Forecast
    • Aggregate Enterprise $/GB
    • Enterprise SSD by Technology
    • Average Enterprise SSD (User) Capacity
    • Server-attached SSD Forecast
    • Enterprise SATA SSD Capacity Trend
    • PCIe SSD Forecast
    • Enterprise $/GB Forecast
    • Storage-attached SSD Forecast
    • SAS SSD Capacity Trend
  • Summary
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