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World Oilfield Equipment Market Forecast 2017-2021 Q2

出版商 Douglas-Westwood 商品編碼 344807
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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油田設備的全球市場 World Oilfield Equipment Market Forecast 2017-2021 Q2
出版日期: 內容資訊: 英文



第1章 調查手法

第2章 全球分析

  • 全球支出:概要
  • 全球支出:境內/海上
  • 全球支出:終端用戶
  • 境內支出:各設備類型
  • 海上支出:各設備類型

第3章 人工採油

  • 電動水中幫浦
  • 氣舉
  • 油壓 & 噴氣舉升
  • 單軸螺旋泵浦
  • 往返幫浦
  • 桿式泵

第4章 搬送工具

  • 撓曲油管單位
  • 滑線單位
  • 纜線單位

第5章 井下開採設備

  • 鑽頭
  • 鑽震擊
  • 鉸刀
  • 穩定劑

第6章 Lower Completion

  • 流入控制設備
  • Packer
  • 篩砂器

第7章 地面泵

  • 耐酸泵
  • 水泥頭
  • 水泥歧管
  • 水泥幫浦
  • 流量頭
  • 壓裂頭
  • 壓裂閥組
  • 壓裂泵
  • 氮幫浦

第8章 管書商品

  • 鑽鋌
  • 鑽管
  • 生產管

第9章 幫浦,壓力及流量管理

  • 離心式幫浦
  • 壓縮機
  • 鑿岩機 & 試驗歧管
  • 生產歧管
  • 生產樹

第10章 閥門、致動器

  • 致動器
  • 粉筆閥門
  • 插頭,閘極 & 蝶閥
  • 浮雕 & 止回閥

第11章 固定 & 浮體式生產

  • 固定平台
  • 浮體式生產系統
  • 鍋爐
  • 熱交換器
  • 輸出壓縮機
  • 分離 & 處理設備
  • 渦輪機
  • 廢熱回收單位

第12章 鑽機 & 鑽機設備

  • 境內鑽機
  • 海上鑽機
  • 防噴設備
  • 絞車
  • 泥水幫浦
  • 頂驅

第13章 中游

  • 致動器
  • 離心式幫浦
  • 壓縮機
  • 管線
  • 幫浦
  • 渦輪機
  • 閥門

第14章 海洋支援船 (OSV)

  • 直升機
  • ROV

第15章 附錄




Onshore Oilfield Equipment: The Running of the Bulls - 4% y-o-y growth for 2017-2021

Driven largely by a recovery in the US shale patch, Douglas-Westwood (DW) now expects total onshore expenditure of almost $385bn over the forecast period. Offshore, on the other hand, will see a decline through to 2021, despite seeing improving prospects in 2017.

Key Conclusions:

  • 4% CAGR for onshore expenditure over 2017-2021.
  • Onshore Rigs & Rig Equipment to show fastest growth rate (15% CAGR), but this is recovering from a 77% decline over 2013-2016.
  • Onshore Midstream expenditure over next five years to be 13% higher than previous five years.
  • Offshore expenditure to see -9% decline per year over the forecast period.
  • Combination of oversupplied rig market and a dearth of new fixed & floating production orders contribute to -9% and -26% CAGRs respectively.
  • Total oilfield equipment market to increase 12% this year, then decline at -1% year-on-year as the offshore decline offsets the onshore recovery.

DW's World Oilfield Equipment Market Forecast Q1 2017, now in its 3rd year, shows an onshore market recovering from one of the worst downturns in living memory. The forecast, now covering 2017-2021, shows an anticipated recovery averaging 4% year-on-year growth for onshore oilfield equipment expenditure. Led by a continuation of the recovery in US onshore drilling activity, DW expects growth rates across all onshore upstream equipment lines over the new forecast period. Onshore expenditure will total $385bn over 2017-2021, compared to the $371bn expected over 2016-2020 in the last edition of the report.

Offshore expenditure, on the other hand, is not expected to see a recovery in fortunes - despite an improvement in market sentiments over recent months. Minimal new orders since 2014 and a persistent oversupply in the MODU market will sustain the bearish outlook for the offshore equipment sector, which is dominated by high cost, low quantity units such as FPSOs, drillships and fixed platforms. While some high-profile orders have already been placed in 2017, this is not expected to offset the decline in the offshore market beyond an 8% jump in spend in 2017.

The World Oilfield Equipment Market Forecast offers unique insight into over 60 different equipment types across upstream and midstream and is an essential product for business planners and those looking to make informed investment decisions. Drawing from DW's cutting edge SECTORS product and a wide-range of other internal databases (including land rigs, pipelines, helicopters and upstream infrastructure), the World Oilfield Equipment Market Forecast also takes account of the latest macro-economic trends through daily updated databases and explicit commodity price, global inflation and supply chain pressure inputs.

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