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World Offshore Wind Market Forecast 2017-2026 Q4

出版商 Douglas-Westwood 商品編碼 223474
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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全球海上風力發電市場預測 World Offshore Wind Market Forecast 2017-2026 Q4
出版日期: 2017年12月31日 內容資訊: 英文


第1章 摘要、結論

第2章 促進要素、阻礙要素

  • 概要
  • 政治促進要素
  • 經濟促進要素
  • 低碳能源

第3章 海上風力發電的開發

  • 海上風力計劃的生命週期
  • 海上風力計劃的成本結構
  • Capex Phase 1:計劃&開發
  • Capex Phase 1:風力發電機
  • Capex Phase 1:廠房的平衡
  • Capex Phase 1:安裝
  • Oapex Phase
  • Capex Phase 2:廢止措施
  • 海上風力供應鏈

第4章 商業性考察

  • 計劃規模
  • 供應鏈
  • 資本、使用年限成本
  • 風險概況
  • 財務課題
  • 契約策略
  • 產業課題
  • 技術:風力發電機
  • 技術:墩座基礎施工方法
  • 主要趨勢:新技術
  • 新要趨勢:叢集和電廠改造
  • 主要趨勢:物流

第5章 調查手法

  • 調查手法

第6章 市場預測

  • 追加發電量:各國
  • 累積發電量:各國
  • 資本支出:各國
  • 運營成本:各國
  • 中國的海上風力發電的展望
  • 丹麥的海上風力發電的展望
  • 法國的海上風力發電的展望
  • 德國的海上風力發電的展望
  • 荷蘭的海上風力發電的展望
  • 波蘭的海上風力發電的展望
  • 韓國的海上風力發電的展望
  • 瑞典的海上風力發電的展望
  • 英國的海上風力發電的展望
  • 美國的海上風力發電的展望
  • 其他國的海上風力發電的展望

第7章 各分類市場預測

  • 風力發電機-各國
  • 風力發電機-各尺寸
  • 風力發電機-各製造廠商
  • 墩座基礎施工方法
  • 電纜
  • 海上變電站
  • 船舶
  • 直升機

第8章 附錄

  • 計劃一覽



Offshore Wind Update: Global Cumulative Capacity to Reach over 100 GW by 2026.

2017 has represented a positive year for the offshore wind industry, according to the latest edition of Westwood's World Offshore Wind Market Forecast. The industry is rapidly maturing, and the market developments seen over the last year have resulted in Westwood forecasting a more positive outlook, with global cumulative capacity to exceed 100 GW by 2026 (~20% uplift on last year's report).

Zero subsidy bids for 3 German wind farms were approved in April, while the world's first full-scale floating wind farm commenced operations in October 2017. September's contract for difference (CfD) auction in the UK, saw projects securing strike prices as low as £57.50/MWh (compared with an average of £117/MWh, February 2015). Dong rebranded to φrsted and entered new frontiers such as Taiwan, where the company signed an MOU for the 2 GW Changhua project.

  • Total Capex over 2017-2026 is expected to amount to almost €444
  • Global cumulative capacity is expected to increase from 1 GW in 2017 to 102.7 GW by 2026*.
  • The UK, China, and Germany will be the key contributors to the market, with combined expenditure of €214bn over 2017-2026. This represents approximately 48% of forecast global expenditure over the same period*.
  • Global Opex over 2017-2026 is expected to amount to €70bn, with approximately 61% of this allocated to China, Germany, and the UK*.
  • Westwood expects more than 16,100 turbines and more than 18,000 foundations to be installed over 2017-2026.
  • Cables will represent the largest installation segment, with ~46,000km required over the next ten years.

*All figures are inclusive of projects yet to develop past conceptual phases.

Westwood's report features an in-depth Capex analysis, including component breakdown and country-specific commentary, reflecting on announced renewables obligations. Tracking the industry on a project by project basis, Westwood offers a comprehensive view on the significant opportunities for the wind supply chain over the next decade. Given the increased focus on renewables, the industry will continue to attract investment from utilities and large engineering and service contractors, as well as upstream oil and gas companies.

Report Contents:

  • Key Drivers and Indicators
  • Global to Country Capex and Opex Market Forecasts
  • Segment Market Forecasts
  • Project Listings
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