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Middle East and Africa Pay TV Operator Forecasts

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 132 Pages
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東歐、中東、非洲的收費電視業者的預測 Middle East and Africa Pay TV Operator Forecasts
出版日期: 2016年08月01日 內容資訊: 英文 132 Pages






  • 各國
    • TV家庭數
    • 數位有線用戶數
    • 類比有線用戶數
    • 收費網路電視用戶數
    • 收費數位衛星TV用戶數
    • 收費DTT家庭數
    • 收費電視整體用戶數
    • 收費電視收益
  • 各業者 (各平台、業者)
    • 收費電視用戶數
    • 收費電視用戶數的佔有率:各業者
    • 加入費、VOD收益
    • 收費電視收益的佔有率:各業者
    • ARPU
  • 國家、業者
    • 阿爾及利亞:beIN, OSN, ART, Algerie Telecom
    • 安哥拉:ZAP TV, DStv, Canal Plus, Angola Telecom, TV Cabo
    • 巴林:beIN, OSN, ART, Batelco
    • 象牙海岸共和國:Canal Plus, DStv, StarTimes
    • 埃及:ART, beIN, OSN, Telecom Egypt
    • 佐治亞:Magtisat, Silknet
    • 迦納:Canal Plus, DStv, GOtv
    • 以色列:HOT, Yes
    • 約旦:ART, beIN, OSN
    • 肯亞:Zuku, DStv, StarTimes, GOtv, StarSat
    • 科威特:ART, beIN, OSN
    • 黎巴嫩:ART, beIN, OSN
    • 馬拉威:Zuku, DStv, GOtv
    • 摩洛哥:beIN, OSN, ART, Maroc Telecom
    • 納米比亞:DStv, GOtv
    • 奈及利亞:GOtv, DStv, StarTimes, StarSat
    • 阿曼:beIN, OSN, ART, Omantel
    • 卡達:beIN, OSN, ART, Ooredoo
    • 盧安達:Zuku, DStv, StarTimes, GOtv, Canal Plus
    • 沙烏地阿拉伯:ART, beIN, OSN, Invision, eLife
    • 塞內加爾:Canal Plus, DStv, Orange
    • 南非:DStv, StarSat, GOtv
    • 坦尚尼亞:Zuku, DStv, StarTimes, StarSat
    • 突尼西亞:beIN, OSN, ART
    • 土耳其:Digiturk, D-Smart, Turksat, Turkcell, TTnet ?
    • 阿拉伯聯合大公國:eLife, Du, ART, beIN, OSN
    • 烏干達:Zuku, DStv, StarTimes, GOtv, StarSat
    • 尚比亞:Zuku, DStv, StarTimes, GOtv, StarSat


Nine operators dominate MEA pay TV

Pay TV subscriptions in the Middle East & Africa region will increase by 67% between 2015 and 2021 - from 32.37 million to 54.09 million.

The top nine pay TV operators [Multichoice (DStv and GOtv), StarTimes/StarSat, Canal Plus, OSN, beIN, DigiTurk, D-Smart, Yes and HOT], accounted for 70% of these subscribers by end-2015, with this proportion falling to 66% by 2021. So nine companies will continue to control more than two-thirds of the region's pay TV subscribers, according to the ‘Middle East & Africa Pay TV Operator Forecasts ’ report.

Top five MEA pay TV operators by subscribers (000)
 2015 2021
DStv (pan-Africa) 7,988 DStv (pan-Africa) 10,714
Digiturk (Turkey) 2,870 StarTimes (pan-Africa) 6,466
StarTimes (pan-Africa) 2,751 GOtv (pan-Africa) 6,164
GOtv (pan-Africa) 2,367 Canal Plus (pan-Africa) 3,177
Canal Plus (pan-Africa) 2,073 Digiturk (Turkey) 3,121

           Source: Digital TV Research

Satellite TV platform DStv will continue to be the region's leading pay TV operator by subscribers; adding nearly 3 million to its total between 2015 and 2021. Sister company and DTT platform GOtv will add 3.8 million subs. Its rival StarTimes will increase its active subs base by a similar amount (3.7 million) to push it into second place among the pay TV operators.

Growth in the Middle East and North Africa will be more modest than Sub-Saharan Africa, although beIN will double its subs base between 2015 and 2021.

Subscription and PPV pay TV revenues from the Middle East and Africa will climb from $7.95 billion to $11.47 billion over the same period. Subscription and VOD revenues for the top nine operators accounted for 81% of the 2015 total, but this proportion falling slightly to 78% by 2021.

DStv will remain the wealthiest operator. DStv will also be the biggest winner; increasing its revenues by more than $1 billion between 2015 and 2021. Canal Plus will follow with an extra $369 million. GOtv's, beIN's and StarTimes' revenues will all at least double over the same period.

Table of Contents

Published in August 2016, this 132-page electronically-delivered report comes in two parts:

  • A 90-page PDF giving a global executive summary, operator analysis, country-by-country analysis and forecasts.
  • An excel workbook giving comparison tables and country-by-country forecasts in detail for 32 operators with 110 platforms across 28 territories for every year from 2010 to 2021.
  • The excel workbook also contains country-by-country subscriber forecasts for ART, beIN Sports, Canal Plus, DStv, GOtv, OSN, StarTimes and StarSat.
Forecasts (2010-2020) contain the following detail for each country:
By country:
TV households
Digital cable subs
Analog cable subs
Pay IPTV subscribers
Pay digital satellite TV subs
Pay DTT homes
Total pay TV subscribers
Pay TV revenues
By operator (and by platform by operator):
Pay TV subscribers
Share of pay TV subscribers by operator
Subscription & VOD revenues
Share of pay TV revenues by operator

Countries and operators covered:

CountryNo of opsOperators
Algeria 4 beIN, OSN, ART, Algerie Telecom
Angola 5 ZAP TV, DStv, Canal Plus, Angola Telecom, TV Cabo
Bahrain 4 beIN, OSN, ART, Batelco
Cote d'Ivoire 3 Canal Plus, DStv, StarTimes
Egypt 4 ART, beIN, OSN, Telecom Egypt
Georgia 2 Magtisat, Silknet
Ghana 3 Canal Plus, DStv, GOtv
Israel 2 HOT, Yes
Jordan 3 ART, beIN, OSN
Kenya 5Zuku, DStv, StarTimes, GOtv, StarSat
Kuwait 3 ART, beIN, OSN
Lebanon 3 ART, beIN, OSN
Malawi 3 Zuku, DStv, GOtv
Morocco 4 beIN, OSN, ART, Maroc Telecom
Namibia 2 DStv, GOtv
Nigeria 4 GOtv, DStv, StarTimes, StarSat
Oman 4 beIN, OSN, ART, Omantel
Qatar 4 beIN, OSN, ART, Ooredoo
Rwanda 5 Zuku, DStv, StarTimes, GOtv, Canal Plus
Saudi Arabia 5 ART, beIN, OSN, Invision, eLife
Senegal 3 Canal Plus, DStv, Orange
South Africa 3 DStv, StarSat, GOtv
Tanzania 4 Zuku, DStv, StarTimes, StarSat
Tunisia 3 beIN, OSN, ART
Turkey 5 Digiturk, D-Smart, Turksat, Turkcell, TTnet ?
UAE 5 eLife, Du, ART, beIN, OSN
Uganda 5 Zuku, DStv, StarTimes, GOtv, StarSat
Zambia 5 Zuku, DStv, StarTimes, GOtv, StarSat
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