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Western Europe OTT TV and Video Forecasts

出版商 Digital TV Research 商品編碼 333648
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 124 Pages
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西歐的OTT電視、視訊預測 Western Europe OTT TV and Video Forecasts
出版日期: 2016年07月14日 內容資訊: 英文 124 Pages


本報告提供西歐15個國家的OTT電視、視訊市場相關調查分析、OTT業者概要 (各國) 、全球市場的預測、西歐15個國家的比較預測、各國預測等相關的系統性資訊。


  • 奧地利
  • 比利時
  • 丹麥
  • 芬蘭
  • 法國
  • 德國
  • 愛爾蘭
  • 義大利
  • 荷蘭
  • 挪威
  • 葡萄牙
  • 西班牙
  • 瑞典
  • 瑞士
  • 英國


  • 人口
  • 整體家庭數
  • TV家庭數
  • 固定寬頻家庭數
  • 智慧型手機加入數
  • 平板電腦加入數
  • TV 家庭數/整體家庭數
  • 固定寬頻家庭數/整體家庭數
  • 智慧型手機加入數/人口
  • 平板電腦加入數/人口
  • OTT電視、視訊家庭數
  • OTT電視、視訊家庭數/固定寬頻家庭數
  • OTT電視、視訊家庭數/TV家庭數
  • SVOD家庭數
  • SVOD家庭數/固定寬頻家庭數
  • SVOD家庭數/TV家庭數
  • 電影出租數
  • 電視出租數
  • 出租總數
  • 電視DTO (Download-To-Own) 數
  • 電影DTO數
  • DTO總數
  • 線上廣告總額
  • OTT網站線上廣告額
  • DTO電視收益
  • DTO電影收益
  • DTO視訊收益
  • 線上出租收益
  • 線上電視出租收益
  • 線上電影出租收益
  • SVOD收益
  • OTT電視、視訊總收益
  • 線上視頻廣告/寬頻家庭數
  • DTO收益/寬頻家庭數
  • 出租收益/寬頻家庭數
  • SVOD收益/寬頻家庭數
  • OTT電視、視訊收益/寬頻家庭數
  • OTT電視、視訊廣告/OTT電視、視訊家庭數
  • DTO收益/OTT電視、視訊家庭數
  • OTT電視、視訊收益/寬頻家庭數
  • DTO收益/OTT電視、視訊收益
  • SVOD收益/OTT電視、視訊家庭數
  • OTT電視、視訊收益/OTT電視、視訊家庭數



Western European OTT revenues to double

Western European OTT TV and video revenues will more than double between 2015 and 2021. However, growth rates will vary considerably between the 17 countries covered in the ‘Western Europe OTT TV & Video Forecasts ’ report.

Simon Murray, Principal Analyst at Digital TV Research, said: “OTT adoption is already high in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and the UK, but it has been much more muted in other countries such as France, Spain and Portugal.”

Source: Digital TV Research

OTT TV and video revenues in Western Europe will reach $14.64 billion in 2021; up from $6.40 billion in 2015. From the $8.25 billion in revenues to be added between 2015 and 2021, the UK will contribute $2.30 billion, Germany $1.34 billion, France $1.13 billion and Italy $0.99 billion. The UK will remain the market leader by some distance.

SVOD [subscription video on-demand] will become the region's largest OTT revenue source in 2018 before AVOD [advertising on OTT sites] regains its crown in 2020. The AVOD sector has been boosted by the rapid expansion in mobile advertising.

AVOD will bring in $5.79 billion by 2021 - $3 billion up on 2015. The UK will supply $2,333 million of the 2021 advertising total, followed by Germany with $904 million.

SVOD revenues will total $5,632 million by 2021 - up from $2,098 million in 2015. Nearly $1 billion will be added in 2016 alone. The UK (up by nearly $800 million between 2015 and 2021 to $1,507 million) will remain the SVOD revenue leader - generating as much as second-placed Germany and third-placed France combined in 2021.

Digital TV Research forecasts 53.71 million SVOD subscriptions by 2021, up from an expected 31.43 million by end-2016. More than 8 million subscribers will be added in 2016 alone. Nearly a third (30.7%) of the region's TV households will subscribe to a SVOD package by 2021; triple the 13.6% recorded by end-2015.

Sweden will have more SVOD subscribers than Spain in 2021, despite only having a quarter of the population. Despite this, the number of subscriptions will quadruple in France and Italy between 2015 and 2021 and will grow eightfold in Spain.

Murray explained: “The Spanish SVOD sector is stifled as Telefonica provides its Yomvi SVOD platform free to its pay TV subscribers. Yomvi is no longer offered as a standalone service. This also degrades the perceived value of the other SVOD platforms.”

He continued: “France's relatively low take-up is harder to explain as there is a good selection of SVOD platforms on offer. However, government-imposed release windows dictate that SVOD platforms can only screen movies well after they have appeared on other platforms.”

Table of Contents

Published in July 2016, this 124-page PDF and excel report contains comprehensive coverage of the Western Europe OTT TV & video sector (subscribers/homes, transactions and revenues. SVOD, Ad-supported, rental and download-to-own/electronic sell-through) for 17 countries, including:

  • Executive Summary.
  • Regional forecasts summary from 2010 to 2021
  • Comparison forecast tables.
  • Individual country forecasts.
  • Country profiles

Countries covered:

Austria Belgium
Denmark Finland
France Germany
Iceland Ireland
Italy Luxembourg
Netherlands Norway
Portugal Spain
Sweden Switzerland
United Kingdom  

Forecasts (for each year from 2010 to 2021) contain the following detail for 18 countries:

Sweden OTT TV & video forecasts
Population (000)
Total households (000)
TV households (000)
Fixed broadband households (000)
Smartphone subscribers (000)
Tablet subscribers (000)
TV HH/Total HH
Fixed broadband HH/Total HH
Smartphone subs/Population
Tablet subs/Population
OTT TV & video fixed broadband households (000)
OTT TV & video HH/Fixed broadband HH
OTT TV & video HH/TV HH
OTT TV & video smartphone subs (000)
OTT TV & video HH/smartphone subs
OTT TV & video total (000)
SVOD total subscribers (000)
TV rental transactions (000)
Movie rental transactions (000)
Total rental transactions (000)
TV download-to-own transactions (000)
Movie download-to-own transactions (000)
Total download-to-own transactions (000)
Online advertising total (US$ mil.)
Online advertising for OTT sites (US$ mil.)
Online TV rental revenues (US$ mil.)
Online movie rental revenues (US$ mil.)
Online rental revenues (US$ mil.)
Download-to-own TV revenues (US$ mil.)
Download-to-own movie revs (US$ mil.)
Download-to-own video revs (US$ mil.)
SVOD revenues (US$ mil.)
Total OTT TV & video revenues (US$ mil.)
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