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Global Notebook Shipment Forecast, 2016 and Beyond

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全球筆記型電腦的出貨台數的預測 Global Notebook Shipment Forecast, 2016 and Beyond
出版日期: 2016年01月21日 內容資訊: 英文 12 Pages





  • 全球出貨台數
  • 出貨台數的明細:各供應商
  • 筆記型電腦的佔有率:各供應商
  • Chromebook的出貨台數:各供應商
  • 筆記型電腦的出貨台數:各製造廠商
  • 台灣的筆記型電腦的出貨台數
  • 供應商、廠商關係

Global notebook shipments dropped 9% on year in 2015 and the volume in 2016 is expected to drop further by 2.6% to reach 154 million units. Although Windows 10's new functions will trigger some PC replacement, Chromebook will see a small shipment growth and the Wintel's China supply chain will be able to further reduce entry-level notebooks' costs, the shipments in 2016 will still be impacted by the facts such as Surface-like 2-in-1 devices' penetration into the notebook market and the merger of Japan-based notebook vendors. Worldwide notebook shipments are expected to grow slightly in 2017 but the market decline will resume again in 2018.

Table of Contents


  • Form factor definition
  • Trends in the market

Shipment breakdown

  • Global shipments
    • Chart 1: Global notebook shipment forecast, 2009-2019 (m units)
  • Shipment breakdown by vendor
    • Chart 2: Notebook shipments by vendor, 2014-2016 (k units)
  • Notebook share by vendor
    • Chart 3: Notebook shipment share by vendor, 2015-2016
  • Chromebook shipments by vendor
    • Chart 4: Chromebook shipments by vendor, 2013-2016 (k units)
  • Notebook shipments by maker
    • Chart 5: Notebook shipments by maker, 2014-2016 (k units)
  • Taiwan notebook shipments
    • Chart 6: Taiwan notebook shipments, 2012-2016 (k units)
  • Vendor-maker relationships
    • Table 1: Vendor-maker relationship, 2015 (k units)
    • Table 2: Vendor-maker relationship, 2016 (k units)
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