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MSL (醫藥學術專員)的活動、業績評估表(圖表)

Charting MSL Activity and Performance (2017)

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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MSL (醫藥學術專員)的活動、業績評估表(圖表) Charting MSL Activity and Performance (2017)
出版日期: 2017年06月01日 內容資訊: 英文

本報告提供美國及歐盟5國的大醫藥品企業的MSL (醫藥學術專員) 的調查結果,預計MSL的活動內容,存在意義和評估手法等調查,團隊的地位,支援品牌數、支援領域,產品上市前、上市後的主要活動,跟KOL、醫生的接觸頻率、接觸手段,MSL的業績評估項目,存在意義的證明手段等相關資料,各種資料、分析彙整。


  • 擔當品牌數、責任的範圍
  • MSL跟品牌的分配和新產品相關與醫生的討論
  • MSL的上市前、上市後的活動
  • 跟醫生的接觸的回數與手法
  • 所需時間:積極的接觸 vs 被動的接觸


  • 公司內部的通訊的頻率與形態
  • MSL的評估用的業績檢測項目
  • 外部的價值指標的資訊收集法
  • 業績評估的頻率


  • MSL的價值的證明:業績檢測的效用
  • MSL的價值的證明:關於業績檢測所需的變化


  • MSL簡介

A unique survey-based report providing key insights and actionable intelligence about MSL activity and performance.

Charting MSL Activity and Performance (2017) distils key findings from one of the most comprehensive surveys of US and EU5 Medical Science Liaison (MSL) personnel. Informed by the responses of 100 MSLs working in top pharma companies, the study identifies critical variations in MSL activity and performance measurement.

Building on the ground-breaking 2015 study, this 2017 version provides comparative analysis to show how priorities and practice have changed over the past two years and where MSLs see further change in the future.

Example of companies that participated in this study

Gain Answers to Critical Questions

  • At what drug development stage is an MSL team established, how many brands do they handle and how does this differ between the US and Europe?
  • How do MSL performance measurement criteria change pre to post launch?
  • Building new KOL relationships is a critical post launch activity, but what outcomes are sought and how is success measured?
  • To what extent do US and European views differ on MSL activity in CME, medical congress attendance, investigator initiated trials and on the provision of support to physicians in relation to patient access and patient education?
  • What performance criteria do MSL experts see as becoming increasingly important over the near term and how has this changed in the last 2 years?
  • How many and at what frequency do MSLs contact KOLs/Physicians and what is the most popular means of communication?
  • How has the rise of new stakeholders changed the way MSL performance is measured?
  • What metrics are companies using to demonstrate MSL value?

Report Deliverables

Your report purchase gives you access to unique data and analysis you can use practically to shape MSL plans and hone performance measurement:

  • Data Study: Over 100 clear and concise charts that depict the current state and future outlook for MSL activity and performance assessment
  • Data Tabulations: All the survey data provided in MS Excel
  • Survey Questionnaire: delivered as a PDF document

Key Takeaways

  • Understand which MSL activities are seen as being most important in the US and Europe
  • Benchmark your own MSL activity plans and identify new ways to improve performance
  • Understand thinking in key areas such as KOL engagement, medical congress attendance and investigator initiated trials
  • Examine how US/European MSLs view the value of delivering scientific presentations to KOLs and physicians, and learn about the decline of this activity in the US
  • Identify the most widely used measurements for evaluating MSL-KOL engagement and feedback
  • Know which performance metrics are preferred for demonstrating value to internal stakeholders
  • Learn how thinking towards measuring MSL performance has changed over the past 2 years
  • Understand the current balance between quantitative and qualitative metrics used to measure
  • MSL performance, and assess signals that may indicate a change in the metrics used in future

About the Survey

Interview Methodology:

Data collected via a 25-minute internet-based questionnaire

Screening Criteria:

Respondents were screened to ensure that they are MSLs or MSL managers / directors who work at a pharmaceutical company ranked in the top 100 by revenue

Sample Distribution:

A total of 100 US-/EU5-based MSLs and MSL managers/directors who work for pharmaceutical companies ranked in the top 100 by revenue

Features of the Survey - Not Available Elsewhere

  • Knowledgeable and detailed insights from 100 senior MSLs in the US and Europe.
  • Practical ideas for improving MSL effectiveness and increasing KOL engagement
  • Valuable benchmarking indicators to assess your MSL programme against peers
  • Critical insights for corporate management needing to ensure effective physician communication, engagement and brand support

Table of Contents

MSL Activities

  • Number of Brands Supported and Areas of Responsibility
  • Assignment of MSLs to Brands and Discussion of New Products with Physicians
  • MSL Pre-Launch and Post-Launch Activities
  • Numbers and Methods of Interactions With Physicians
  • Time Spent on Proactive vs. Reactive Engagement

MSL Performance Measurements

  • Internal Communication Frequency and Format
  • Performance Measurements Used to Evaluate MSLs
  • Methods to Gather Information on External Value Metrics
  • Frequency of Performance Review

Value Demonstration to Internal Stakeholders of MSL Performance Measurements

  • Usefulness of MSL Performance Measurements in Value Demonstration
  • Expected Changes in MSL Performance Measurements in Value Demonstration


  • Screeners - MSL profile
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