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Preparing the Data Center Against the 21st Century Attack

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資料中心方面對21世紀形式攻擊的準備 Preparing the Data Center Against the 21st Century Attack
出版日期: 2014年10月27日 內容資訊: 英文




  • 分析概要
  • 簡介
  • 資料中心保護,是連續型安全的一部分
  • 即使是遇過的威脅內容,其嚴重性增大
  • 歐洲委員會對雲端固有的安全缺點的應對
  • 運算
  • 「事後諸葛」沒有意義
  • 最重要的教訓,必須在組織單位活用
  • 技術和流程
  • 自家公司方法的獨特性是什麼
  • 結論:建立更佳資料中心安全的方法是什麼
  • 關於Martin Hingley and ITCandor



Data centers - which are at the heart of modern business - are no longer fortresses into which mission-critical corporate information is poured, stored and processed in guarded isolation. IT virtualization sometimes makes the location of data uncertain, while the rise of mobile access, social business and cloud computing creates a A successful organization views data center security as a process requiring constant vigilance rather than a one-off precaution or mere regulatory compliance. It learns from what others are doing at the industry-sector, application and country levels and puts itself in the hacker's shoes to identify and guard against new vulnerabilities. Data center security is not about "return on investment." Rather, it concerns "protection from disaster": When it fails, customer confidence, goodwill, share prices and revenues tumble, the staff responsible are probably fired, and, in extreme situations, companies go bust. Our aim in this paper is to raise awareness, stimulate debate and engage with users and the industry on a vitally important subject. myriad of new interactions to be secured.

Table of Contents

  • Key findings
  • Introduction
  • Data center protection is part of the security continuum
  • The same 'bad boys,' deeper threats
  • The European Commission addresses the inherent insecurity of cloud
  • computing
  • Try not to be wise after the event
  • The most important lessons to learn have to do with the organization,
  • technology and processes
  • What's unique about your company's approach
  • Conclusions - how to build better data center security
  • About Martin Hingley and ITCandor

Figure Index

  • Figure 1: How to secure the data center
  • Figure 2: Data center insecurity grows as technology develops
  • Figure 3: The PCI data-security standard
  • Figure 4: The data center under attack - the different forms of hacking
  • Figure 5: Cloud computing security choice
  • Figure 6: Potential sources of data center insecurity
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