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Amazon Web Services的中國雲端策略

Amazon Web Services' Cloud Strategy In China

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Amazon Web Services的中國雲端策略 Amazon Web Services' Cloud Strategy In China
出版日期: 2014年04月30日 內容資訊: 英文

2013年12月,Amazon Web Services(Amazon.com的子公司,以下AWS)宣佈開始提供中國、北京雲端運算平台。中國的據點,對AWS來說是在亞太地區第4個,全球第10個據點。中國國內客戶到現在為止,是經由美國、歐洲、南美、亞洲等其他地區利用AWS的服務。由於中國也開始AWS服務,客戶可在國內基礎設施上運用應用。對國內的終端用戶來說大幅度縮短等候時間,還有對需要在國內保存資料的企業來說,那個要求也受到滿足。在服務開始前,AWS簽訂了北京市政府和寧夏回族自治區,該公司的策略合作夥伴the Cloud Valley(China Broadband Capital的子公司)之間的瞭解備忘錄(MOU)。瞭解備忘錄中,以劃時代的「front-shop-back-factory」(前店後廠)模式為基礎,可活用北京和中國西部的設備、資源,提供高性能、可靠性與經濟性也高的AWS雲端運算服務,反映出當事者意圖。

本報告提供Amazon Web Services (AWS)在中國國內打算推行的經營模式與產業策略分析。


  • 摘要整理
  • 概要
  • 經營模式
  • AWS的發展模式
  • 市場策略
  • 競爭環境
  • 結論

This case study explores the business model and strategy being pursued by Amazon Web Services in China. In December 2013, Amazon Web Services, an company, announced the launch of a China (Beijing) Region for its AWS cloud computing platform. The new location in China is the fourth AWS Region in Asia-Pacific and the tenth such Region in the world. Customers in China had previously been using AWS services delivered via other Regions in the US, Europe, South America, and Asia. With the launch of AWS China Region, these customers will be able to run their applications on infrastructure in China, which significantly reduces latency to local end users and ensures that companies that need to store their data in China can do so.

Before the launch, AWS signed an MOU with the Beijing Municipal Government, the Ningxia Autonomous Region Government, and its strategic partner, the Cloud Valley, which is owned by China Broadband Capital. The MOU reflected the signing parties' intent to construct and develop high-performing, reliable, and affordable AWS cloud computing services that use facilities and resources in Beijing and Western China, through the innovative 'front-shop-back-factory' model.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Overview
  • Business Model
  • AWS Deployment Models
  • Market Strategy
  • Competitive Environment
  • Conclusion

Figure Index

  • Figure 1: AWS Global Infrastructure
  • Table 1: AWS Region and AWS Edge Locations
  • Table 2: EC2 Availability Zones
  • Figure 2: Relationship between AWS Regions and Availability Zones.
  • Figure 3: Architectures for AWS
  • Table 3: Products and Services by AWS Region
  • Figure 4: Basic Structure of an AWS EC2 Instance
  • Figure 5: ELB-based High Availability Deployment Solution
  • Figure 6: High Availability Deployment Solution across Availability Zones
  • Table 4: Major Cloud Service Providers in China
  • Table 5: SWOT Analysis for AWS into China
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