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The Upholstered Furniture Market in the United States

出版商 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies 商品編碼 358242
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 128 Pages
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美國的襯墊家具市場 The Upholstered Furniture Market in the United States
出版日期: 2016年05月23日 內容資訊: 英文 128 Pages


第1章 美國的經濟預測

  • 實質GDP成長率
  • 消費者信賴感、失業率
  • 住宅建設部門

第2章 襯墊家具市場

  • 美國的襯墊家具的消費
  • 需求決定要素
  • 襯墊家具的消費預測

第3章 襯墊家具的生產

  • 美國的襯墊家具的生產
  • 美國的襯墊家具的競爭系統:各企業規模,員工數
  • 主要的美國的襯墊家具廠商:各銷售額、生產能力
  • 襯墊家具生產的本土化
  • 專門的程度:襯墊家具專門的主要製造商

第4章 國際貿易

  • 美國的進出口:各國和各地

第5章 襯墊家具的供給

  • 生產明細:各覆蓋材料
  • 生產明細:各產品類型

第6章 美國市場

  • 美國的主要企業
  • 主要製造商的企業簡介
  • 價格區分
  • 消費者偏好:各覆蓋材料、產品類型

第7章 流通系統

  • 各地區和城市:10大城市
  • 流通管道
  • 電子商務銷售額受到關注
  • 美國的主要家具經銷商簡介


Product Code: S04

The Upholstered Furniture market in the United States report provides data and trends in upholstered furniture production and consumption, upholstery imports and exports, prices, marketing policies and distribution. The time frame considered is 2005-2015.

The U.S upholstery production is broken down by:

  • Covering materials: fabric, leather, other (faux leather, microfiber, vinyl). Data are provided both in values and in units.
  • Type of product: station and motion upholstery.

Data and trends on the supply structure in the US upholstered furniture industry include:

  • Employment (breakdown of upholstery manufacturers size by number of employees)
  • Production plant localization
  • Leading upholstered furniture manufacturers by turnover, production capacity, number of employees. Market shares on total domestic upholstery production are provided.

The market for upholstered furniture is analysed by considering major demand determinants (unemployment rate, wages, household income, furniture expenditure, housing completed and price trends of new home sales).

Upholstered furniture consumption forecast for 2016 and 2017 are provided.

Values of upholstered furniture consumption by covering materials (leather, fabric, other materials) and type of products are provided for 2015.

The market is divided also by price ranges (low, middle, upper middle and high).

Top manufacturers both US-based and international operating on the U.S. market are identified by upholstery sales and market shares on total upholstery consumption. More than 70 company's profiles are included with product portfolio, total and upholstery sales, number and localization of manufacturing plants, number of employees and export share.

A breakdown of the US upholstered furniture imports and exports is provided by country and area, as well as foreign companies' sales on the US market.

Leading upholstery exporters to the US are reported in terms of upholstery turnover.

The analysis of distribution channels covers: traditional furniture stores, manufactured branded furniture stores, online sales, lifestyle furniture stores, warehouse membership clubs, discount department stores and department stores.

A focus on e-commerce sales includes the value of upholstery online sales, the digital strategies of leading manufacturers and a selection of furniture retailers selling online.

More than 140 retailer's profiles are provided with product mix, geographical area covered, furniture and furnishings turnover, number of stores and key vendors offered.

List prices for upholstery products are provided for the main manufacturers, by product (sofas, motion sofa and recliners).


The upholstered furniture industry in the U.S. is recovering fast after the global recession and represents a room of expansion for international upholstery manufacturers.

The U.S. is the first importing country of upholstered furniture in the world. More than 40% of local upholstery consumption is satisfied by imported products. During the time frame 2005-2015 the U.S increased considerably its market openness, from 26% in 2005 to 40% in 2015

Selected companies mentioned:

American Furniture Mfg, Ashley Furniture, Bassett Furniture Inds., Beijing Aris Furniture, Beijing Furton Furniture, Bernhardt, Best Home Furnishings, BJI Brown Jordan International, Cassina, Century Furniture Industries, Chateau D'Ax, Chengdu Nondo Furniture, Chengfeng Furniture, Dongguan Herui Furniture, Ekornes, Ethan Allen, Fairfield Chair Company, Flexform, Flexsteel, Franklin Corporation, Fubao Sofa Manufacturing Frandiss, Heritage Home Group, HM Richards, Hooker Furniture, HTL International, Jason Furniture-Kuka Sofa, Kasen International Holdings Limited, Klaussner, L. & J.G. Stickley, La Z Boy, Lazar Industries, Leathercraft, Linshimuye Furniture, Man Wah Holdings, Morris Holdings, Natuzzi, Nova Lifestyle, Poltrona Frau, Qu Mei Furniture, Quanyou Furniture, Royal Furniture Group, Shandong Fengyang Group, Sichuan Chengdu Ming Zhu Furniture, Southern Furniture Company of Conover, Southern Motion, United Furniture / Simmon Upholstery, Vanguard Furniture Co, Willi Schillig, Xinxiang Daban Furniture Industrial, Zhejiang Lihao Furniture - Lehoo, ZuoYou Furniture.

Table of Contents

Executive summary

1. United States Economy Outlook

  • GDP real growth
  • Consumer confidence and unemployment rate
  • Residential construction sector

2. The upholstered furniture market

  • U.S upholstered furniture consumption: 2005-2015
  • Demand determinants: employment, household consumption, annual furniture expenditure, total housing completed, price of new home sales
  • Upholstered furniture consumption forecast for 2016 and 2017

3. The upholstered furniture production

  • U.S upholstered furniture production: 2005-2015
  • U.S upholstered furniture competitive system: company's size by number of employees
  • Leading U.S upholstered furniture manufacturers by turnover and production capacity
  • Upholstered furniture production localization
  • Degree of specialization: leading manufacturers specialized in upholstered furniture

4. International trade

  • U.S. imports and exports: 2005-2015 by country and geographical area. Sales of leading foreign companies in the U.S. and by main U.S. exporters.

5. Upholstered furniture supply

  • Production breakdown by covering material: leather, fabric, other materials (faux leather, microfiber, vinyl)
  • Production breakdown by product type: station and motion sofa

6. United States market

  • Leading companies operating in the United States: upholstery sales and market shares, brands.
  • Company's profile of leading manufacturers
  • Price segmentation: low, middle, upper-middle and high price points
  • Consumer preferences by covering materials and product types

7. Distribution System

  • Geographical areas and cities: top 10 urban agglomerations by population, average household income. Furniture sales by region
  • Distribution channels: consumer spending of upholstered furniture, furniture sales breakdown by distribution channel
  • Focus on e-commerce sales: digital strategies of leading upholstery manufacturers, top retailers selling furniture online,
  • Profiles of leading U.S. furniture retailers


  • Additional macroeconomic and demographic statistics.
  • Hospitality sector
  • Trade fairs, magazines and associations
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