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The European Market for Upholstered Furniture

出版商 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies 商品編碼 214228
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 165 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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歐洲的襯墊家具市場 The European Market for Upholstered Furniture
出版日期: 2015年08月25日 內容資訊: 英文 165 Pages



  • 簡介
  • 調查手法
  • 摘要整理


  • 襯墊家具市場概要
  • 生產
    • 主要製造商
  • 消費
    • 各國銷售
  • 進口
    • 進口/消費
  • 出口
    • 出口、生產
    • 主要的出口者
  • 貿易收支

第2章 供給詳細內容

  • 套子種類:布、微光纖、皮革
  • 價格分佈
  • 產品種類
  • 風格
  • 利用:國內生產還是契約生產






Product Code: EU.5

This twenty-first edition of the report analyzes the upholstered furniture market in 18 Western European countries with statistical data of production, consumption, import and export of upholstered furniture as well as an insight on top manufacturers present in each market in detailed tables.

Short term forecasts of upholstered production and consumption are also given.

This new edition contains data for Poland too.

This Report is the result of over 150 interviews with the marketing managers or managing directors of leading European companies; processing of macroeconomic and sector statistics from 2009 to 2014; analysis of sector documentation from CSIL's databases which were created in 1980 and have been updated annually.

The report is structured as follows:

  • An executive summary provides a European upholstered furniture sector overview based on CSIL's processing of statistics and company data from official sources, both national and international, as well as sector information and field information collected through direct interviews with companies and sector experts. In addition, CSIL provides an independent assessment of the sector performance and prospects for the coming years.
  • The chapter I Basic data. Production, consumption and trade provides an overview of the European upholstered furniture industry and market through updated statistics and through tables, graphs and maps for the Europe as a whole and for each country. The data are provided both in value and in volume. Some tables offer a first picture of the competitive system with information on the top manufacturers; Annex C offers a more detailed overview of the competitive system in Europe as a whole and in each country.
  • The chapter II Breakdown of the supply offers an analysis of the typology of products manufactured by the European upholstered furniture manufacturers and tables and information on actors operating in each segment.
  • The chapter III Distribution Systems gives an overview of the main distribution channels active on the European upholstered furniture market through tables and graphs for the Europe as a whole and for the biggest markets (Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain).
  • Annex A Data by country offers updated upholstered furniture statistics and the main macroeconomic variables necessary to analyze the performance of the sector.
  • Annex B Imports and exports by country provides detailed tables of the international trading activity for each country
  • Annex C The competitive system offers an insight on major local and foreign players present in each segment and in each market in detailed tables.
  • Annex D Directories of mentioned companies finally provides full contact information on each company mentioned in this Report with some data on the size.

Countries covered: Austria, Belgium-Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.


Import/consumption ratio (%) of upholstered furniture by country, 2013-2014

More than 55% of European consumption is satisfied by imports. Germany is the biggest market in terms of upholstered furniture consumption; UK follows. Top 50 upholstery companies accounted for up to 42% of European supply.

Selected companies mentioned:

Ada Möbelfabrik, Alstons Upholstery, Arketipo, ATL, B&B Italia, Buoyant, Calia Trade, Cassina, Cauval Industries, Chateau D'Ax, Collins and Hayes, Comforty, Cor Sitzmöbel, Cotta Collection, De Sede, DFS Furniture, Ekornes, Ewald Schillig, Flexform, Furnico, Furninova, Gepade, Gplan, Himolla, HTL, IMS, J P Gruhier, JDP Furniture Group, Jori, Koinor, Living Divani, Machalke, Man Wah, Molteni, Moroso, Natuzzi, Polipol, Poltrona Frau, QFH limited, Recor Group, Roche Bobois, Rolf Benz, Rom, Roset Group, Sherborne Upholstery, Sofa Brands International, Soft Line, Steinhoff, Steinpol, Tetrad, Willi Schilli.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Methodological notes
  • Executive summary

1. Basic Data. Production, Consumption and Trade

  • 1.1. Overview of the upholstered furniture market
  • 1.2. Production
    • 1.2.1. Top manufacturers
  • 1.3. Consumption
    • 1.3.1. Sales by country
  • 1.4. Imports
    • 1.4.1. Imports/consumption
  • 1.5. Exports
    • 1.5.1. Exports/production
    • 1.5.2. Top exporters
  • 1.6. Trade balance

2. Breakdown of supply

  • 2.1. Type of coverings: fabric, microfibre, leather
  • 2.2. Price range
  • 2.3. Product type
  • 2.4. Style
  • 2.5. Uses: home or contract

3. Distribution systems

  • 3.1. Type of distribution: specialized vs not specialized
  • 3.2. Main distribution channels by country

Annex A. Data by country

Annex B. Exports and Imports by Country

Annex C. Competitive system

  • C.1. Total production
  • C.2. Employment
  • C.3. Type of covering
  • C.4. Destination
  • C.5. Distribution System
  • C.6. Volumes
  • C.7. Sales by country
  • C.8. Exports

Annex D. DIRECTORY OF MENTIONED COMPANIES with complete addresses


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