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Domestic Competitors in India's Personal Care Market - Analyzing the key local players in a growing personal care market

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 75 Pages
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印度的個人保養用品市場上國內企業:於成長期的個人保養用品市場的國內大企業分析 Domestic Competitors in India's Personal Care Market - Analyzing the key local players in a growing personal care market
出版日期: 2015年12月11日 內容資訊: 英文 75 Pages


本報告提供印度的個人保養用品市場上、前五名主要的國內廠商的企業策略相關分析、在印度國內的個人保養用品市場整體結構與趨勢,及各公司的整體企業規模與產業策略目標、個人保養用品 (及各產品類型) 的目前存在感、產品開發策略、國內與國外的進軍情形和今後的策略與計劃、企業收購的實際成果與策略的項目調查。

第1章 簡介

  • 摘要
  • 分析範圍
  • 印度的個人保養用品的市場規模達到70億美元以上
    • 固態肥皂是最大的類別
    • 護髮市場上國內企業很強,壟斷髮油市場
    • 複數的類別,國內企業進入前3名
    • 印度的個人保養用品市場,成長空間仍大
  • 國內前五名企業:規模和策略都大幅不同
    • 各公司皆經手廣泛的產品系列
    • 活動範圍印度國內被限定只ITC
    • 企業收購的歷史

第2章 Godrej

  • 摘要
  • 企業概要
    • Godrej全體
    • 個人保養用品市場上Godrej
    • 各分類的活動情形
  • Godrej多年構築成的品牌遺產
  • Godrej的革新的目標:提高mass premium產品市場的地位
    • Cinthol的改革:從低價格品到高價品
    • Protekt:環境保護支援的產品差異化
    • Godrej No.1:由固態肥皂轉移到女性用洗面乳
    • 染髮劑:海外企業收購而使技術創新
    • 進軍「mass premium」護髮用品市場
  • 企業收購推動向海外發展

第3章 Marico

  • 摘要
  • 企業概要
    • Marico全體
    • 個人保養用品市場上的Marico
    • 各分類的活動情形
  • Parachute:現在也是Marico品牌策略的中心
  • Marico的階段性、一點集中型的革新方法
    • 消臭劑品牌 (Zatak,Set Wet):革新以維持市場佔有率
    • Set Wetstyling凝膠的更新 (2015年)
    • Parachute Advansed身體化妝水:Nielsen獲得Breakthrough Innovation獎
    • 從傳統的可可油,進軍其他髮油
    • Livon:也銷售染髮劑
  • 企業收購以進軍其他地區、其他領域
    • 進軍其他領域的策略:限於男性用頭髮造型產品、消臭劑
    • 海外發展策略:確立亞非據點

第4章 Dabur

  • 摘要
  • 企業概要
    • Dabur全體
    • 個人保養用品市場上的Dabur
    • 各分類的活動情形
  • 讓Dabur的內部成長的強力計劃
    • 印度國內核心事業領域,有內部成長的巨大機會存在
    • 開拓商務用、零售用市場
    • 網際網路市場上的活躍活動 (2011年之後)
    • 對流通管道擴大的努力,導致Dabur的成長
  • Dabur的產品開發:強調安全、「自然」有效的成分內容
  • 企業收購而對其他領域、海外的支出

第5章 ITC

  • 企業概要
    • ITC全體
    • 個人保養用品市場上ITC
    • 各分類的活動情形
  • ITC努力確立自我品牌
    • Essenza Di Wills:在ITC的服裝商店銷售高級產品
    • Fiama Di Wills:凝膠型充滿高級感的產品
    • Vivel (針對中級市場):對皮膚的營養供給專門化、乳霜型的產品
    • Superia:針對大眾市場的低價格產品
  • 創新的新產品持續銷售
    • Vivel:超過類別框架成長為超級品牌
    • Fiama Di Wills:透過產品開發,比傳統增加高級感
    • Engage:新帶給噴霧型消臭劑市場的世界「成對」的概念
  • 國內流通網的整備:最關心的事項
  • 企業收購:ITC的個人保養用品部門,非大的關注事項
  • ITC不向海外發展,致力於印度市場

第6章 Wipro

  • 企業概要
    • Wipro全體
    • 個人保養用品市場上的Wipro
    • 各分類的活動情形
  • Wipro的個人保養用品市場:特定品牌的集中度高
  • Santoor:印度南部的集中性成長策略
  • 農村市場促進Santoor品牌的成長
  • Wipro的產品開發:3個類別集中實施
  • Wipro的企業收購策略:集中特性產品領域

第7章 其他值得注意的企業

  • 附錄
  • 分析範圍
  • 用語/簡稱一覽
  • 參考文件


Product Code: CS1043IS


This report analyzes the strategies of five major personal care manufacturers founded and headquartered in India: Godrej, Marico, Dabur, ITC, and Wipro. The report compares these companies in terms of total size, high level business objectives, product category presence and innovation strategy, geographic presence and expansion strategy, and acquisition history and strategy.

Key Findings

  • Godrej, ITC, and Wipro are major players in the personal hygiene category, primarily through bar soap, which is by far the largest subcategory, worth over $2.2bn. Companies looking to expand in India will find the bar soap category well saturated, but there is plenty of growth waiting to be captured in other categories.
  • Each of the top five Indian personal care manufacturers has a stronghold in at least one product subcategory: Godrej in hair coloring and bar soap, Marico in hair oil, Dabur in ayurvedic/"natural" toothpaste and hair oil, ITC in deodorants, and Wipro in bar soaps. Companies looking to expand in these spaces need to take particular note of these strengths.
  • Godrej and Wipro each have about half of their sales outside India, have been most active in acquisitions, and have large cash reserves available for making new acquisitions. These two companies are the biggest competitive threat for companies looking to expand through acquisitions in personal care.

As domestic companies in emerging markets gain strength and publicly declare their intent to become multinational competitors, it is becoming more important than ever to stay on top of India-based companies' successes and strategies.

Reasons To Buy

  • Compares the goals and strategies of the leading personal care manufacturers in India, providing a clear view of the competitive playing field.
  • Analyzes the presence of each company, category by category, brand by brand, revealing the strengths and weaknesses of each company.
  • Examines the innovation strategies of each manufacturer, suggesting future strengths and weaknesses.
  • Offers insights into where these companies are likely to be seeking MandA and retailer partnership opportunities.
  • Illustrates the threats and opportunities for international players.

Table of Contents

  • Val Walker
  • Disclaimer
  • Executive summary

Chapter 1 - Introduction

  • Summary
  • Report scope
  • India's personal care market is valued at over $7bn
    • Bar soap is the top-selling personal care category in India
    • Indian companies are strongest in haircare, dominating hair oil
    • Indian companies are among the top three players in several categories
    • India's personal care sector has significant room for growth
  • India's top five vary widely in size and strategy
    • All five companies compete broadly across multiple categories and subcategories
    • Geographically, ITC is the only company whose presence is limited to India
    • Acquisition history

Chapter 2 - Godrej

  • Summary
  • Company overview
    • Godrej as a whole
    • Godrej in personal care
    • Godrej by category
  • Godrej has a strong base of extendable heritage brands
  • Godrej innovation aims to upscale to mass-premium
    • Cinthol remade from value to premium
    • Protekt recreated to be more differentiated with a green side
    • Godrej No.1 extends from bar soap into face wash for women
    • Godrej hair coloring leverages technology from international acquisitions
    • Godrej extends into "mass premium" haircare
  • Godrej aims for international growth via acquisition

Chapter 3 - Marico

  • Summary
  • Company overview
    • Marico as a whole
    • Marico in personal care
    • Marico by category
  • Parachute remains at the hub of Marico's brand strategy
  • Marico practices a slow, focused approach to innovation
    • Deodorant brands Zatak and Set Wet innovate to hold market share
    • Set Wet styling gel got an update in 2015
    • Parachute Advansed body lotion named a Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation
    • Marico has extended beyond coconut oil into other types of hair oil
    • Livon extends into hair coloring in 2014
  • Marico acquisitions for geographic and category expansion
    • Category expansion strategy focused on men's hair styling and deodorants
    • Geographic expansion strategy focused on establishing hubs in Asia and Africa

Chapter 4 - Dabur

  • Summary
  • Company overview
    • Dabur as a whole
    • Dabur in personal care
    • Dabur by category
  • Dabur has a strong plan for organic growth
    • Significant opportunity for organic growth exists in Dabur's main categories in India
    • Dabur taps into professional salons as well as the retail market
    • Dabur has been an active Internet marketer since 2011
    • Dabur's efforts to expand distribution contribute to growth
  • Dabur innovation stresses safe, "natural," effective ingredients
  • Dabur acquisitions extend category and geographic reach

Chapter 5 - ITC

  • Summary
  • Company overview
    • ITC as a whole
    • ITC in personal care
    • ITC by category
  • ITC's strength has been in developing its own brands
    • Essenza Di Wills super-premium line extended from ITC's apparel line
    • Fiama Di Wills premium line promises indulgence with gel-based products
    • Mid-market Vivel focuses on skin nourishing with creme-based products
    • Mass-market brand Superia serves the economy segment
  • ITC has launched a steady stream of innovative new products
    • Vivel has become a mega-brand expanding across categories
    • Fiama Di Wills innovation has delivered on upscale experiences
    • Engage introduced a new "pairs" concept to the spray deodorant subcategory
  • Expanding domestic distribution has been a major focus
  • Acquisitions are not a major focus for ITC personal care
  • ITC is focused on India, not international expansion

Chapter 6 - Wipro

  • Summary
  • Company overview
    • Wipro as a whole
    • Wipro in personal care sector
    • Wipro by category
  • Wipro's personal care volume is highly concentrated
  • Santoor growth strategy focused in South India
  • Rural markets drive Santoor brand
  • Wipro innovation has focused on three categories
  • Wipro acquisition strategy is product-focused

Chapter 7 - Other companies to watch

  • Appendix
  • Scope
  • Glossary/abbreviations
    • Product category abbreviations used in this report:
    • Other abbreviations used in this report:
  • Bibliography/references

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Godrej and ITC pose greatest threat; Dabur a threat in "natural" niche
  • Figure 2: Domestic players hold about a quarter of India's personal care market
  • Figure 3: Each featured company has a unique specialty and growth plan
  • Figure 4: Each company has made recent efforts to expand across categories
  • Figure 5: Godrej and Wipro earn about half their revenues outside India
  • Figure 6: All companies but ITC have used acquisitions for international expansion
  • Figure 7: Godrej is strongest in the bar soap and hair coloring categories
  • Figure 8: Godrej introduced three major new product lines in 2014
  • Figure 9: Marico has the strongest portfolio in hair nourishment
  • Figure 10: Marico concentrates on two to three launches per year
  • Figure 11: Hair oil is Dabur's biggest category
  • Figure 12: Dabur has been actively innovating across its portfolio
  • Figure 13: ITC has developed four umbrella brands plus Engage deodorants
  • Figure 14: ITC has introduced several innovations in each of the past few years
  • Figure 15: Wipro's core business is the Santoor brand in personal hygiene
  • Figure 16: Wipro has leveraged acquired brands and technology
  • Figure 17: This report covers four standard Canadean categories
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