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Cigarettes in Taiwan

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 49 Pages
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香煙的台灣市場 Cigarettes in Taiwan
出版日期: 2017年01月01日 內容資訊: 英文 49 Pages

本報告提供台灣的香煙 (紙煙) 市場相關分析,提供您整體市場規模和平均每個人的消費量趨勢,主要製造商·品牌的概要·市場佔有率與最新趨勢,香煙市場的課稅·銷售法規,生產·對外貿易·價格趨勢,未來市場趨勢預測(今後9年份)等調查評估。

第1章 概要

第2章 市場規模

第3章 市場結構

第4章 廠商·品牌

第5章 稅率與零售價格

  • 稅率
  • 零售價格

第6章 抽煙人口

第7章 生產·貿易趨勢

  • 產量
  • 進口額
  • 出口額

第8章 經營上的限制

  • 廣告的限制
  • 健康相關警告
  • 其他製藥

第9章 企業簡介

第10章 未來展望·預測

第11章 附錄



Product Code: CG0273MR


Taiwan has a sizeable cigarette market because of its wealthy population and economic growth, which have boosted cigarette consumption in recent decades. However, as the cigarette market is closely linked to the wider economy, it has periodically suffered from recessions, which had a negative effect. However, since 2014 the market has been relatively stable with more sustainable tobacco consumption due to measures limiting contraband and solid economic growth.

Key Findings

Per capita consumption stood at 1,535 pieces per year in 2015, a 0.9% decline on 2014.

Non-duty paid cigarettes only accounted for 5% of the market in 2014 after strong government action.

Cigarette imports have tripled since 1990 from five billion piecies to 14.9 billion pieces in 2014.

As of 2015, 16.8% of the Taiwanese population are smokers.

Cigarettes in Taiwan is an analytical report provides extensive and highly detailed current and future market trends in the Taiwanese market. It covers market size and structure, along with per capita and overall consumption. Additionally, it focuses on brand data, retail pricing, and prospects and forecasts for sales and consumption until 2025.

Reasons To Buy

Get a detailed understanding of consumption to align your sales and marketing efforts with the latest trends in the market. Identify the areas of growth and opportunities that will aid effective marketing planning. The differing growth rates in regional product sales drive fundamental shifts in the market. This report provides detailed, authoritative data on these changes - prime intelligence for marketers. Understand the market dynamics and essential data to benchmark your position and to identify where to compete in future.

Table of Contents

1 Overview

2 Market Size

3 Market Structure

4 Manufacturersand Brands

5 Taxationand Retail Prices

5.1. Taxation

5.2. RetailPrices

6 The SmokingPopulation

7 Productionand Trade

7.1. Production

7.2. Imports

7.3. Exports

8 Operating Constraints

8.1. Advertising Restrictions

8.2. Health Warnings

8.3. Other Restrictions

9 Company Profiles

10 Prospectsand Forecasts

11 Appendix

11.1. What is this Report About?

11.2. Time Frame

11.3. Product Category Coverage

11.4. Methodology

11.5. Disclaimer

List of Tables

  • Table 1: Cigarette Consumption, 1990-2015
  • Table 2: Duty Paid and Non-Duty Paid Sales, 2008-2014, Million Pieces
  • Table 3: Per Capita Consumption, 1990-2015
  • Table 4: Market Breakdown, Domestic v Imported Products, 2000-2014, Million Pieces
  • Table 5: Market Breakdown, Domestic v Imported Products, 2000-2014, % (Percentage Share)
  • Table 6: Market Segmentation by Price Segment, 2009-2014, % (Percentage Share)
  • Table 7: Manufacturer Sales and Market Share, 2000-2015, Million Pieces
  • Table 8: Manufacturer Sales and Market Share, 2000-2015, % (Percentage Share)
  • Table 9: Brand Family Shares, 2002-2014, % (Percentage Share)
  • Table 10: Smoking Population, 1990-2015
  • Table 11: Smoking Population by Age, 1996 and 1998, % (Percentage Share)
  • Table 12: Incidence of Smoking by Age and Sex, 2006, % (Percentage Share)
  • Table 13: Number of Cigarettes Smoked Per Day, 2004-2007, % (Percentage Share)
  • Table 14: Characteristics of the Smoking Population, 2000-2003, % (Percentage Share)
  • Table 15: Smoking Amongst Junior High School Students, 2004-2013, % (Percentage Share)
  • Table 16: Smoking Amongst Senior and Vocational High School Students, 2005-2013, % (Percentage Share)
  • Table 17: Cigarette Production, 1990-2014
  • Table 18: Imports of Cigarettes, 1990-2014
  • Table 19: Cigarette Imports by Country of Origin, 2000-2014, Million Pieces
  • Table 20: Cigarette Imports by Country of Origin, 2000-2014, % Breakdown
  • Table 21: Cigarette Exports, Volume, 1990-2014
  • Table 22: Exports by Country of Destination, 2000-2014, Million Pieces
  • Table 23: Exports by Country of Destination, 2000-2014, Million Pieces
  • Table 24: Company profile: Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation (TTLC)
  • Table 25: Company profile: Imperial Tobacco Taiwan Co Ltd
  • Table 26: Consumption Forecasts to 2025

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Methodology
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