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Market Report for PET imaging in the USA

出版商 Black Swan Analysis 商品編碼 358793
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 139 Pages
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PET成像的美國市場 Market Report for PET imaging in the USA
出版日期: 2016年06月02日 內容資訊: 英文 139 Pages




  • PET成像是什麼?
  • PET放射性醫藥品的製造法
  • PET成像的用途
    • 癌症
    • 心臟科
    • 神經科


  • 簡介
    • 美國的醫療制度
  • PET的發展
    • PET的過程
    • PET相關配合措施
  • 償付
  • 目前提供趨勢
    • 迴旋加速器
    • PET市場
    • 靜態PET掃描機
  • PET的運轉率
  • 市場演進
    • 迴旋加速器&PET掃描機
    • 美國的研究和PET掃描
    • 美國市場的進一步發展
  • PET的需求及提供的預測


  • 迴旋加速器和生產
  • PET掃描技術
  • 新的描繪器的開發
    • 癌症
    • 心臟科
    • 神經科






Product Code: PETUSA010516


Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a radioactive nuclear modality that delivers an image of the metabolic processes in the body. The PET imaging scanner detects pairs of gamma rays emitted indirectly by a positron-emitting radionuclide tracer, such as fluorodeoxyglucose (18F - FDG), that has been injected into the body. These positron-labelled isotopes are made using a particle accelerator known as a cyclotron.

To improve the accuracy of the location of the tracer within the body, a Computed Tomography (CT) image is done of the patient either following the initial PET image or at the same time with a PET/CT scanner and a combined, fused, image is generated that is able to deliver a high degree of accuracy on the location and the size of a specific lesion.

PET as a modality was introduced into the US market in the early 1980s, but it was not until 1995 when a PET scanner was able to perform a whole body scan was the utility in oncology realised. The appeal of PET imaging to radiologists and nuclear medics is its ability to provide metabolic information that can be overlaid with a structural CT scan. This makes it the standard of care for staging any patient that has been diagnosed with cancer. This adoption of technology by clinicians has contributed to the establishment and continued growth in the USA in the number of PET scanners and cyclotrons producing the 18F - FDG radiotracer.

This report provides information on the historic and current PET scanner and cyclotron market in the USA. Along with the current known number of PET scanner and cyclotron install bases in the USA, the report also contains a detailed breakdown of these machines; by year of installation, manufacturer and model, specific location and current utilization. Future potential market capacity for these machines is also estimated to the year 2020.

Providing a value-added level of insight from the analysis team at Black Swan, an introduction on PET imaging is given, as well as information on the utilization of PET, development of PET over time, current USA healthcare system and PET reimbursement, market evolution and future developments.

This report is built using data and information sourced from information that Black Swan Analysis already possessed on the information of PET scanners and cyclotrons as an internal source, further research was also instigated to verify locations, models, years and other information required for the details of the PET scanners and cyclotrons in this report. This further research included a wide search of the hospitals and clinics listed in this report, as well as internet research into the PET centres and direct contact with the manufacturers. All of the sources used to generate the data and analysis have been identified in the report.

Reason to buy

  • Delivery of more accurate information for clinical trials in study sizing and realistic patient recruitment that require a PET scan
  • A helpful aid in observing the capacity for future treatments in which patient's require a PET scan
  • Gain an understanding of the current players in the PET and cyclotron markets
  • Gain further insight into the evolution of PET scanners and cyclotrons over time
  • Identify locations or therapeutic areas that have an unmet need for PET utilization
  • Provide a level of understanding on current PET scanner provision and the potential headroom and market capacity for future utilization
  • Identify specific locations in the USA that currently has a PET scanner or cyclotron
  • Delivery of detailed information on year of installation, manufacturer and model type of specific PET scanners and cyclotrons
  • Insight into therapeutic areas that utilize PET scanners
  • Information regarding the development of new tracers and future PET technology

Table of Contents

  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Glossary of Terms
  • USA Market Summary
  • Introduction to PET
    • What is PET Imaging?
    • How are PET radiopharmaceuticals manufactured?
    • How is PET Imaging Used?
      • Oncology
      • Cardiology
      • Neurology
  • USA
    • Introduction
      • Health Care System in the USA
    • Development of PET
      • History of PET
      • PET Activity in the USA
    • Reimbursement
    • Current provision
      • Cyclotrons
      • PET Market
      • Static PET Scanners
    • Utilization of PET
    • Market Evolution
      • Cyclotrons & PET Scanners
      • USA Research & PET Scanning
      • Additional Developments in the US Market
    • PET Demand and Provision Forecast
  • Future Developments in the PET Market
    • Cyclotrons & Manufacturing
    • PET Scanning Technology
    • Development of New Tracers
      • Oncology
      • Cardiology
      • Neurology
  • Methodology
  • Potential Sources of Error
  • References

List of Figures

  • Number of scanners per million population by State in the USA
  • Cyclotrons by main ownership type, USA
  • Cyclotrons by FDA registration status, USA
  • Installed cyclotrons by manufacturer, USA
  • Cyclotrons per PET scanner by State in the USA
  • Number of PET scanners by type, USA
  • Number of PET Scanners by Manufacturer, USA
  • Static and mobile, known PET market, USA
  • Map of PET radiopharmacies in the USA
  • Total number of PET scanners by state
  • Number of static PET scanners by manufacturer, USA
  • Static PET machines by type, USA
  • Static PET machines by type, USA
  • Utilisation of PET imaging by therapeutic area, USA
  • Utilisation of PET imaging within oncology, USA
  • Estimated historical capacity for the provision of PET scan procedures, USA
  • Potential market capacity and the expected head room in the market for PET scan procedures, USA
  • Estimated future provision of PET scanners and cyclotrons, USA
  • Composition of the PET scanning market 2015 & 202, USA
  • Estimated future capacity for the provision of PET scan procedures, USA

List of Tables

  • Half-life of commonly used positron emitters
  • Key Facts USA
  • Installation of new cyclotrons in the USA since 2005 by network or affiliation
  • Known installations of cyclotrons over the next 5 years, USA
  • Static PET static scanner installation by manufacturer type over a 7 year period, USA
  • USA PET scans 2010-2015
  • Annual scanning capacity of different PET machines and PET hybrids
  • Assumptions on the estimated number of doses produced by cyclotrons per annum
  • Locations of PET cyclotrons in the USA
  • Locations of PET scanners in the USA
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