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China Heating 2016

出版商 BRG Building Solutions 商品編碼 260823
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 175 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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中國的暖氣相關市場 China Heating 2016
出版日期: 2016年06月30日 內容資訊: 英文 175 Pages


第1章 背景:中國的暖氣

  • 背景:概要
  • 人口·家庭簡介
  • 宏觀經濟的趨勢與預測
  • 住宅建築:趨勢與預測
  • 住宅存量:類型·保有別
  • 家用暖氣·供給熱水設備
  • 能源政策與法律的完善

第2章 中國的流通部門:暖氣

  • 流通:結構概要

第3章 中國的鍋爐·燃燒器市場

  • 鍋爐的市場概要
  • 鍋爐的價格與市場價格
  • 市場佔有率
  • 進出口
  • 流通的流程
  • 商業用鍋爐的市場概要
  • 噴流燃燒器的市場概要

第4章 中國的水箱市場

  • 水箱的市場概要
  • 水箱的價格與市場價格
  • 市場佔有率
  • 進出口
  • 流通的流程

第5章 中國的熱水機市場

  • 熱水機的市場概要
  • 熱水機的價格與市場價格
  • 市場佔有率
  • 進出口
  • 流通的流程




This report provides an in-depth analysis of the Chinese heating market including the monitoring of recent trend patterns and demand drivers, plus substantiated volume forecasts for the next 5 years.

Market Overview

Along with the development of the Chinese economy and culture, individual heating products are increasingly common in China. District heating is still popular in the North of the country, while individual heating keeps growing nationwide, in particular in the new build segment.

In 2015, sales of non-condensing gas wall hung boilers generally declined due to the sharp reduction of real estate new housing projects in the main heating areas in the North. The retail sales of non-condensing gas wall hung boilers continued to grow quickly in the southern market due to the sharp drop of temperature in the 2015 winter.

The replacement segment started to increase gradually due to the ending of the life cycle of products previously installed, especially for water heaters. Nearly all the major European manufacturers have or have had a presence in China and the majority of them have been successful in China so far.

The government introduced a series of energy conservation and emission reduction policies over the last years and devoted major efforts to develop the natural gas industry to prompt the sales of more efficient and less polluting heating products. This has culminated in the wide spread availability of subsidies in the Jing-Jin-Ji region in 2015 that has stimulated demand for heating products greatly.

Product Coverage

This report focuses on the following product categories:

  • Core heating technologies:
    • Boilers & burners
    • Radiators
    • Water Heaters
    • Heat Pumps
    • Solar Thermal

Key Data Points

  • Historical volume trends (2005-2015) and forecasts (2016-2020)
  • Analysis of key market drivers and an understanding of the main influences affecting the future market outlook
  • Market values and average prices (2014 and 2015) at manufacturer selling price (MSP) level
  • End use sector segmentation (e.g. new housing, RMI, non housing)
  • Technical segmentation and product category breakdowns
  • Volume market shares per brand/company
  • Distribution analysis including routes to market flow diagrams
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