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Vietnam Infrastructure Report Q3 2017

出版商 BMI Research 商品編碼 177641
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 65 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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越南的基礎設施產業(季度更新報告) Vietnam Infrastructure Report Q3 2017
出版日期: 2017年05月24日 內容資訊: 英文 65 Pages





  • 基礎設施產業的SWOT分析


  • 建設業、基礎設施產業的預測方案
  • 運輸基礎設施:展望和概況
    • 主要計劃一覽:運輸相關
  • 能源、公共事業基礎設施:展望和概況
    • 主要計劃一覽:能源相關
  • 住宅/非住宅建築物:展望和概況


  • 越南:基礎設施產業的風險/利潤、等級
    • 越南的風險/利潤、等級
    • 利潤
    • 風險


  • 競爭環境


  • Cavico Corporation
  • Electricity Vietnam Group


  • 產業趨勢分析
  • 全球基礎設施產業概況


  • 產業預測技術
  • 各部門的分析方法
  • 風險/利潤、等級技術
  • 部門特有的調查手法


Product Code: 1750-5593

BMI View:Vietnam boasts one of the faster-growing and more promising construction industries in Asia, supported by strong government support, surging private investment and liberal foreign ownership laws. We forecast the industry will grow by 9.7% in real terms in 2017 and at an annual average of 7.5% over our 10-year forecast period up to 2026.

Forecast & Industry Developments

  • We have upgraded our growth forecast for Vietnam's construction industry between 2017 and 2021, on the back strong 2016 data showing robust growth and rising levels of private investment in construction. Real growth is expected to reach 9.7% in 2017 and average 8.2% annually through to 2021.
  • Within the infrastructure sector, growth will be driven by government-led investment into road, rail, power and water projects. Driving momentum in these subsectors are growing constraints on existing infrastructure facilities, which are struggling to cope with rising trade flows, urbanisation growth and climate change-linked flooding in low-lying regions.
  • Rapid growth in the residential and non-residential construction sectors will be driven by surging levels of private and foreign investment in residential and commercial building. Industrial construction will also receive a boost from Vietnam's favourable operating and labour costs.
  • Reforms to the government's development assistance programme, aimed at improving transparency, eliminating corruption and capping public debt, will help to create improved transparency in the construction sector, even as the more stringent bureaucratic processes extend project implementation timelines.

Table of Contents

BMI Industry View

  • Forecast & Industry Developments
    • Table: Five-Year Forecast Scenario (Vietnam 2017-2021)
    • Table: Infrastructure Risk/Reward Index (Vietnam 2017)


Industry Forecast

  • Construction And Infrastructure Forecast Scenario
    • Latest Updates
      • Table: Vietnam - Construction and Infrastructure Industry Forecasts
    • Structural Trends
  • Transport Infrastructure - Outlook And Overview
    • Table: Vietnam - Transport Infrastructure Industry Forecasts
    • Structural Trends
      • Table: Vietnam - Major Transport Infrastructure Projects by Value
  • Energy And Utilities Infrastructure - Outlook And Overview
    • Table: Vietnam - Energy & Utilities Infrastructure Forecasts
    • Structural Trends
      • Table: Vietnam - Major Energy & Utilities Projects By Value
  • Residential/Non-Residential Building - Outlook And Overview
    • Table: Vietnam - Residential and Non-Residential Building Industry Forecasts
    • Structural Trends
      • Table: Construction & Social Infrastructure

Industry Risk Reward Ratings

  • Asia Risk/Reward Index

Market Overview

  • Competitive Landscape - Vietnam - Q2 2017
    • Table: Vietnam - Financial Data for Major Infrastructure Companies

Company Profile

  • Electricity Vietnam Group
  • Coteccons
  • Vinaconex


  • Infrastructure Forecast Methodology
    • Industry Forecast Methodology
    • Sector-Specific Methodology
  • Infrastructure Risk/Reward Index
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