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Indonesia Infrastructure Report Q4 2016

出版商 BMI Research 商品編碼 177589
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 89 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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印尼的基礎建設產業(季度更新報告) Indonesia Infrastructure Report Q4 2016
出版日期: 2016年08月10日 內容資訊: 英文 89 Pages





  • 基礎建設產業的SWOT分析


  • 建設業·基礎建設產業的預測方案
  • 運輸基礎設施:展望和概況
    • 主要企劃一覽:運輸相關
  • 能源·公共事業基礎設施:展望和概況
    • 主要企劃一覽:能源相關
  • 住宅/非住宅建築物:展望和概況
    • 主要企劃:住宅/非住宅建築物及社會基礎設施


  • 印尼:基礎建設產業的風險/利潤·等級
    • 利潤
    • 風險
  • 亞太地區:基礎建設產業的風險/利潤·等級


  • 競爭環境


  • Adhi Karya
  • Wijaya Karya
  • Jasa Marga


  • 非洲:PPP(官民合作關係)引起全球注目
  • 亞太地區:以順利市況為目標的動向
  • 南美:對基礎設施開發而言繁榮的1年
  • 中東·北非(MENA):在風險的同時得到收穫
  • 北美·歐洲:突入轉戾點


  • 產業預測技術
  • 每個部門的分析方法
  • 風險/利潤·等級技術


Product Code: 1752-5411

BMI View: Indonesia's construction and infrastructure sector will register steady growth over the next decade, driven by the residential and non-residential segment. Land acquisition and financing will remain the major impediments to the implementation of PPP projects.

Latest Updates And Structural Trends

  • We forecast Indonesia's construction sector to grow 7.2% and 7.3% in 2016 and 2017 respectively, and at annual average of 7.5% over our five year forecast period, with the residential and non-residential construction to post the strongest annual growth rates.
  • The Agrarian and Spatial Planning Ministry issued Regulation No. 13/2016 on Procedures on Residential Ownership Transfer for Foreign Citizens as a follow up to Government Regulation No. 103/2015. Clearer rules are likely to boost investment in the property sector. Relaxed mortgage rules also provide some potential for pick-up in property demand.
  • Slow progress on Indonesia's strategic infrastructure projects will keep real growth in the infrastructure sector below 6% in 2016 and 2017, with financing and land acquisition issues being the key obstacles to project implementation.
  • Indonesia fell 10 positions in the World Bank's 2016 Logistics Performance Index (LPI), from 53rd position in 2014 to 63rd position this year, with the lowest score in the infrastructure category, which reflects a slow progress on several transport projects.
  • We forecast Indonesia's energy and utilities sector to grow at 4.8% in 2016, rising slightly to 5.4% in 2017. Project delays and uncertainty surrounding project financing will continue to pose major downside risks to our outlook.
  • The ADB's USD500mn loan to Indonesia for investment reforms and PPPs provides upside potential to the outlook. Another upside risk comes from the consolidation of Jokowi's political position as he now enjoys an outright majority in parliament. This allowed for the passage of the tax amnesty bill on June 28 providing an upside to government revenues from the tax amnesty programme, which in turn will allow for increased infrastructure spend.

Table of Contents

BMI Industry View

  • Table: Infrastructure - Construction Industry Forecasts (Indonesia 2015-2021)
  • Table: Infrastructure Risk/Reward Index (Indonesia)


  • Infrastructure SWOT

Industry Forecast

  • Construction and Infrastructure Forecast Scenario
    • Latest Updates
      • Table: Construction And Infrastructure Industry Data (Indonesia 2015-2025)
    • Structural Trends
      • Table: Key Infrastructure Targets
  • Transport Infrastructure - Outlook And Overview
    • Latest Updates
      • Table: Transport Infrastructure Industry Data (Indonesia 2015-2025)
    • Structural Trends
      • Table: Infrastructure Targets
      • Table: Competitiveness Of Indonesia's Infrastructure
      • Table: Transport Projects
  • Energy And Utilities Infrastructure - Outlook And Overview
    • Latest Updates
      • Table: Energy And Utilities Infrastructure Data (Indonesia 2015-2025)
    • Structural Trends
      • Table: Energy & Utilities Projects
  • Residential/Non-Residential Building - Outlook And Overview
    • Latest Updates
      • Table: Residential and Non-Residential Building Industry Data (Indonesia 2015-2025)
    • Structural Trends
      • Table: Construction and Social Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Risk/Reward Index

  • Indonesia - Infrastructure Risk/Reward Index
    • Rewards
    • Risks
  • Asia Infrastructure RRI: Muted Outlook Ahead
    • Table: Asia Risk/Reward Index

Market Overview

  • Competitive Landscape
    • Table: EQS Data
    • Table: Main Domestic Players
    • Table: Factbox - Key Elements Of Indonesia's Land Acquisition Bill

Company Profile

  • Adhi Karya
  • Jasa Marga
  • Wijaya Karya


  • Industry Forecast Methodology
  • Sector-Specific Methodology
  • Risk/Reward Index Methodology
  • Sector-Specific Methodology
    • Table: Infrastructure Risk/Reward Index Indicators
    • Table: Weighting Of Indicators
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