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Data Centres Europe 6: Cloud, Colocation and Hosting - The Data Centre Revolution in Europe

出版商 BroadGroup 商品編碼 237356
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 145 Pages; 69 Figures & Charts
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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歐洲的資料中心市場 Data Centres Europe 6: Cloud, Colocation and Hosting - The Data Centre Revolution in Europe
出版日期: 2015年07月01日 內容資訊: 英文 145 Pages; 69 Figures & Charts


第1章 資料中心促進市場成長的要素

  • 今後12個月的推動因素

第2章 資料中心的定位

  • 在EMEA間高漲的競爭

第3章 電力

  • 電力供給業者和價格

第4章 泛歐洲的主要企業

第5章 全球的企業

  • 全球性企業進入市場的影響

第6章 雲端革命

  • 主機代管、託管、雲端/IaaS 市場分析
  • 主機代管、託管、雲端/IaaS 主要企業的策略分析
  • 到2019年的市場規模及成長:主機代管、託管、雲端/IaaS 市場

第7章 連接性

  • 主要企業

第8章 電話公司

  • 今後的可能性

第9章 市場規模及預測

  • 市場區隔
  • 主要趨勢
  • 主機代管專門業者
  • 批發商
  • 電話公司擁有
  • 管理服務
  • 主要價格趨勢




Read the new report that will reveal how the data centre revolution in Europe is being shaped by cloud, colocation and hosting, which vertical sectors are most important, and with forecasts to 2019.

Following 5 bi-annual reports from BroadGroup that provided the most detailed analysis of data centre evolution in Europe - read the new analysis that takes us to the Data Centre Revolution. Discover markets across 18 Western European countries

Key features include:

  • Competitive strategies in the market, and critical success factors both for new and existing players
  • Critical impact of cloud on the market, and the opportunities and threats presented by cloud
  • Comprehensive analysis of current and future supply and demand issues

New: Analysis of Cloud, colocation and hosting market

Key Questions answered:

  • Where is the demand in 2016 coming from?
  • Which vertical sectors are important?
  • How will this change by 2019?
  • How to meet the changing needs of such groups?
  • How to provide a solution to embrace their migration to cloud?

Invaluable for companies requiring:

  • Top level European data
  • Deep dive overview of European data centre markets
  • Strategic insight into Cloud, colocation and hosting market
  • Strategic insight and analysis
  • Statistics, charts and tables

Overall the report is invaluable for companies engaged in the datacentre sector and will provide forecast data to 2019 for 18 West European countries, broken down by segment, key current and expected future build. It also provides a unique comparison and rating of key datacentre suppliers across a range of criteria.

Table of Contents

Section 1 European data centre market drivers

  • Drivers for next 12 months

Section 2 Competition in data centre location

  • Growing competition across EMEA

Section 3 Power

  • Key Power providers and pricing

Section 4 Pan-European players

Section 5 Global Players

  • Impact of entry by global players

Section 6 The Cloud Revolution

  • Analysis of colocation, hosting, cloud/IaaS market
  • Strategic analysis of key colocation, hosting, cloud/IaaS players
  • Market sizing and growth to 2019 of colocation, hosting, cloud/IaaS

Section 6 Connectivity

  • Key players in connectivity

Section 7 Telcos

  • Telcos - possible plays

Section 8 Market size and forecasts

  • Market segments
  • Key trends
  • Co-location specialists
  • Wholesale players
  • Carrier owned
  • Managed services
  • Key pricing trends
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