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全球Bluetooth Smart市場策略性評估·市場預測

Strategic Assessment of Worldwide Bluetooth Smart Market - Forecast Till 2021

出版商 Beige Market Intelligence 商品編碼 356353
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 140 Pages
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全球Bluetooth Smart市場策略性評估·市場預測 Strategic Assessment of Worldwide Bluetooth Smart Market - Forecast Till 2021
出版日期: 2016年04月05日 內容資訊: 英文 140 Pages

本報告提供全球Bluetooth Smart市場上現況與展望的相關調查,提供您市場規模·成長率的詳細分析,類型·應用·各地區的市場規模與預測,競爭情形,並彙整主要企業的簡介等資訊。

第1章 調查手法

第2章 摘要整理

第3章 調查範圍

第4章 主要地區定義

第5章 市場環境

  • Bluetooth Smart發展
  • Bluetooth Smart及Bluetooth Smart READY :特徵
  • Bluetooth Smart及Bluetooth Smart READY 優點
  • 分類:各技術類型

第6章 主要市場趨勢

第7章 主要市場促進成長要素

第8章 主要市場阻礙成長要素

第9章 價值鏈分析

  • 主要的相關利益者
  • 價值鏈分析

第10章 全球Bluetooth Smart市場

  • 概要
  • 市場規模·預測

第11章 市場區隔:各類型

  • Bluetooth Smart設備
  • Bluetooth Smart READY 設備
  • 藍芽 設備的互通性

第12章 市場區隔:各應用領域

  • 概要
  • 家電市場
  • 家庭自動化市場
  • 醫療保健市場
  • 零售市場
  • 穿戴式設備市場
  • 汽車市場
  • 工業自動化市場,其他

第13章 地區區分

  • 概要

第14章Bluetooth SmartAPAC市場

  • 概要
  • 市場規模·預測

第15章Bluetooth Smart北美市場

  • 概要

第16章Bluetooth SmartEMEA市場

  • 歐洲的Bluetooth Smart市場
  • MEA的Bluetooth Smart市場

第17章Bluetooth Smart南美市場

第18章 競爭情形

  • Bluetooth Smart市場上波特的五力分析
  • 競爭無線技術概要
  • 競爭概要
  • 新聞·發展
  • M&A
  • 主要供應商

第19章 主要供應商分析

  • Nordic Semiconductor ASA
  • Texas Instruments (TI)
  • Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR)
  • Dialog Semiconductor
  • Broadcom
  • Silicon Labs
  • 其他有潛力的供應商

第20章 簡稱清單

第21章 調查摘要


Bluetooth Smart - Report Insights

In the era of wireless technology, Bluetooth is a standard for exchanging data over short range distances from fixed & mobile devices, and building personal area networks. Invented by Swedish digital communications firm Ericsson in 1994, the Bluetooth technology was initially developed as a wireless alternative to data cables. Bluetooth technology was designed as an open standard to allow connectivity and collaboration between industries and disparate products.

Worldwide Bluetooth Smart market research report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Worldwide Bluetooth Smart Market for the period 2015-2021. The report provides in-depth analysis of market size and growth of Worldwide Bluetooth Smart market. This market research report includes a detailed market segmentation of the Worldwide Bluetooth Smart Market by:

Type of Application

  • 1. Consumer Electronics
  • 2. Home Automation
  • 3. Healthcare
  • 4. Retail
  • 5. Wearables
  • 6. Automotive
  • 7. Industrial Automation and Others

By Device Type

  • 1. Bluetooth Smart
  • 2. Bluetooth Smart Ready

Geographic Segmentation

  • 1. North America
  • 2. APAC
  • 3. Latin America
  • 4. EMEA

Bluetooth Smart - Market Size and Dynamics

Market research analysts at Beige Market Intelligence, forecast the Worldwide Bluetooth Smart market to grow at a CAGR of around 28% during the forecast period. The growth in connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth is primarily driven by an increasing consumer appetite for accessing content without any barriers. This demand for embedded connectivity technologies that can enable interaction between various consumer electronic devices is not only promoting sophistication in electronic and semiconductor manufacturing but also is enabling advancement of efficient technology standards. One such standard that has gained immense prominence is Bluetooth smart on account of it being more energy-efficient than competing interfaces and networking solutions such as Bluetooth, Ethernet and Wi-fi. With the need for constant interaction between devices becoming inevitable, easily-implementable connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth smart are becoming indispensable on account of the extensive ecosystem and ubiquity of Bluetooth technology standard.

Worldwide Bluetooth Smart market can be segmented based on the type of application as consumer electronics, home automation, healthcare, retail, wearables, automotive, industrial automation and others. The consumer electronic segment was valued at around US$485 million in 2015 and is expected to reach over US$2420 million by 2021. The healthcare Bluetooth smart market, which covers devices like hearing aids, blood pressure monitors, glucose monitors, smart drug delivery devices and thermometers etc., is expected to grow at a lower rate, as the market has already been growing for many years. Continuous glucose monitors are a significant segment in healthcare sector owing to the growing prevalence of diabetes in the emerging economies of Latin America and Asia Pacific. The Bluetooth smart market in retail especially for beacons is still in the early stages of development owing to factors like tepid consumer interest and lower adoption leading to experimental retail implementations, even though Apple launched iBeacons two years ago. The retail segment of Worldwide Bluetooth smart market is expected to reach over US$80 million by 2021.

The report also provides the Porter's five forces analysis along with a description of each of the forces and its impact on the market.

Bluetooth Smart - Geographic Analysis

The APAC region is expected to exhibit the fastest growth, during the forecast period between 2016 and 2021 due to rapid penetration of BLE-enabled smartphones and personal computing products in the countries like China, Japan, India and South Korea. On account of stable and growth-focused regulatory regimes in key geographies of India, China, Japan, Singapore and South Korea, the region is undergoing a rapid infrastructural change, particularly in the realms of connectivity, manufacturing and security. Rapid expansion in mobile connectivity, federal spending on public security systems and the rise of cheaper electronic manufacturing hubs coupled with rapidly growing disposable incomes and a low consumer durable ownership rate mean huge growth opportunity for connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth smart. APAC is expected to remain the leading consumption market for Bluetooth smart modules with the region's share expected to rise up to 55.3% by 2021.

Further, North America is expected to gain prominence as the second largest consumption market with a share of over 21% by 2021 on account of a well-developed internet ecosystem coupled with a sharp rise in the launch of innovative technological offerings and device ownership turnover. The region is expected to grow at a significant growth rate of around 30% during the forecast period. The Increase in the number of shipments of Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready-enabled devices in this region can be primarily attributed to Consumer Electronics, followed by Home automation and wearables in both fitness and healthcare.

The Bluetooth Smart market in EMEA is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of around 24% during the forecast period. Within Europe, significant adoption of Internet of Everything (IoE) in this region across business sectors like agriculture, healthcare, retail, transportation, manufacturing, sports & entertainment, education etc. is contributing primarily to the market growth. Consumer Healthcare segment showed fastest growth due to increased number of machine2machine (M2M) connections and is increasingly becoming digitized deploying sophisticated IT systems in hospitals. The increase in uptake of wireless technology in healthcare is due to low cost and power efficient without comprising on patient safety and service quality.

The Bluetooth Smart market witnessed relatively slower growth in MEA compared to Europe as many parts of the Middle East and Africa (MEA) suffered setbacks in the past year as escalating violence, political instability, civil unrest and medical crises afflicted the region.

Bluetooth Smart - Drivers, Restrains and Trends

This market research report provides market overview of the factors driving and restraining the growth of the market. The report also outlines the key trends emerging in the market that will contribute to the growth of Worldwide Bluetooth Smart market during the forecast period. The factors driving the growth of the market include Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Revolution. Industrial IoT is one of the largest end-market potential for Bluetooth Smart. The market is expected to extend from personal area networks (PAN) to wider area networks (WAN). The rising adoption of Industrial IoT is expected to boost the market for networking technologies, especially wireless networks. These networks not only provide mobility to the equipment but also offer greater scalability and ease of integration to the network. The manufacturing sector is witnessing a transformation through the implementation of the smart factory concept and factory automation technologies. Government initiatives such as Industrie 4.0 in Germany and Plan Industriel in France are expected to drive the IIoT solutions in Europe. Moreover, increasing adoption of Bluetooth Smart in healthcare applications is expected to fuel the growth of the market during the forecast period.

Some of the major restraints confronting the growth of the Bluetooth Smart market include lack of interoperability and a standard communication protocol. As more Bluetooth smart devices get deployed and connected, there will be multiple connection standards emerging in the environment. Some of the communication protocols are Wi-Fi, Zigbee, cellular apart from Bluetooth smart. These competing standards will inhibit the rapid growth and proliferation of Bluetooth smart devices sales unless a common standard is established or the interoperability issues are resolved. Moreover, data privacy and security concerns is also expected to inhibit the growth of the market during the forecast period.

One of the major trends witnessed by the Bluetooth Smart market include growth in wearable technology market. The biggest thing in wearables market is Bluetooth smart Technology. The fast-growing wearables market has huge potential that also encompasses smart glasses, headsets, activity monitors, child and pet monitoring, head- and hand-mounted terminals, medical aids, and cameras smart clothing and ingestible. And the majority of these products primarily rely on the connectivity of Bluetooth technology. Even companies like Apple is centering its wearables strategy on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth Smart - Key Vendors

The report Bluetooth Smart market also provides the competitive landscape of the key players. The report covers the players operating in the entire value chain of the market. The major players identified within the report are Nordic Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR plc.), Dialog Semiconductor, Broadcom and Silicon Labs. The report also covers the other prominent vendors in the market such as Bluegiga Technologies, Cypress Semiconductors, Marvell technology Group, MediaTek, NXP Semiconductors, BlueRadios, LAPIS Semiconductor, Microchip Technology, Toshiba, Apple, STMicroelectronics, and Murata Manufacturing.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Research Methodology

Section 2: Executive Summary

Section 3: Report Coverage

  • 3.1. Research Methodology
  • 3.2. Report Overview
  • 3.3. Definition of key terms
    • 3.3.1. Classic bluetooth
    • 3.3.2. Bluetooth smart
    • 3.3.3. Bluetooth smart ready

Section 4: Definition of Key Geographies

  • 4.1. Definition of applications of the Bluetooth Smart market 16
  • 4.2. Currency exchange rates
  • 4.3. Market size estimation
  • 4.4. Limitations of the report

Section 5: Market Landscape

  • 5.1. Evolution of Bluetooth smart
    • 5.1.1. Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG)
    • 5.1.2. Bluetooth ICs
    • 5.1.3. Different versions of Bluetooth
  • 5.2. Bluetooth smart and smart ready: Features
  • 5.3. Benefits of Bluetooth smart and Bluetooth smart ready
  • 5.4. Classification by technology type

Section 6: Key Market Trends

  • 6.1. Market Trends

Section 7: Key Market Drivers

  • 7.1. Market Drivers

Section 8: Key Market Restraints

  • 8.1. Market Restraints

Section 9: Value Chain Analysis

  • 9.1. Key stakeholders
  • 9.2. Value chain analysis

Section 10: Global Bluetooth Smart Market

  • 10.1. Overview
  • 10.2. Market size and forecast

Section 11: Market Segmentation by Type

  • 11.1. Bluetooth Smart devices
  • 11.2. Bluetooth Smart Ready devices
  • 11.3. Interoperability of Bluetooth devices

Section 12: Market Segmentation by Application

  • 12.1. Overview
  • 12.2. Consumer Electronics market segmentation
    • 12.2.1. Overview
    • 12.2.2. Major factors driving growth of Bluetooth Smart market in consumer electronics segment
  • 12.3. Home Automation market segmentation
  • 12.4. Healthcare market segmentation
    • 12.4.1. Key contributors to the growth of Bluetooth Smart in Healthcare segment
  • 12.5. Retail market segmentation
  • 12.6. Wearable devices market segmentation
    • 12.6.1. Major factors driving growth of Bluetooth Smart market in Wearable devices segment
  • 12.7. Automotive market segmentation
    • 12.7.1. Major factors driving growth of Bluetooth Smart Market in automotive segment
  • 12.8. Industrial automation market segmentation and others
    • 12.8.1. Major factors driving growth of Bluetooth Smart market in industrial automation & others

Section 13: Geographical Segmentation

  • 13.1. Overview

Section 14: APAC Market for Bluetooth Smart

  • 14.1. Overview
  • 14.2. Market size and forecast

Section 15: North American Market for Bluetooth Smart

  • 15.1. Overview

Section 16: EMEA Market for Bluetooth Smart

  • 16.1. EUROPE market for Bluetooth Smart
  • 16.2. MEA market for Bluetooth Smart

Section 17: Latin America Market for Bluetooth Smart

Section 18: Competitive Landscape

  • 18.1. Porter's five forces analysis of the Bluetooth Smart Market
  • 18.2. Overview of Competing wireless Technologies
  • 18.3. Overview of Competition
  • 18.4. News and developments
  • 18.5. Mergers and acquisitions
  • 18.6. Leading Vendors 2014

Section 19: Key Vendor Analysis

  • 19.1. Nordic Semiconductor ASA
    • 19.1.1. Company Overview
    • 19.1.2. Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready product portfolio
    • 19.1.3. Financial highlights (for Q3 2015)
    • 19.1.4. Key strengths
    • 19.1.5. Key strategy
    • 19.1.6. Key opportunities
  • 19.2. Texas Instruments (TI)
    • 19.2.1. Company overview
    • 19.2.2. Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready Product Portfolio
    • 19.2.3. Key strengths
    • 19.2.4. Key strategy
    • 19.2.5. Key opportunities
  • 19.3. Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR)
    • 19.3.1. Company overview
    • 19.3.2. Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready product portfolio
    • 19.3.3. Key strengths
    • 19.3.4. Key strategy
    • 19.3.5. Key opportunities
  • 19.4. Dialog Semiconductor
    • 19.4.1. Company overview
    • 19.4.2. Bluetooth smart product portfolio
    • 19.4.3. Key strategy
    • 19.4.4. Key opportunities
  • 19.5. Broadcom
    • 19.5.1. Company overview
    • 19.5.2. Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready product portfolio
    • 19.5.3. Key strengths
    • 19.5.4. Key strategy
    • 19.5.5. Key opportunities
  • 19.6. Silicon Labs
    • 19.6.1. Company overview
    • 19.6.2. Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready Product Portfolio
    • 19.6.3. Key strengths
    • 19.6.4. Key strategy
    • 19.6.5. Key opportunities
  • 19.7. Other Prominent Vendors
    • 19.7.1. Bluegiga
    • 19.7.2. Cypress Semiconductor
    • 19.7.3. Marvell Technology Group
    • 19.7.4. MediaTek
    • 19.7.5. Nxp Semiconductors
    • 19.7.6. BlueRadios
    • 19.7.7. Lapis Semiconductor
    • 19.7.8. Microchip Technology
    • 19.7.9. Toshiba
    • 19.7.10. Apple
    • 19.7.11. STMicroelectronics
    • 19.7.12. Murata Manufacturing

Section 20: List of Abbreviations

Section 21: Report Summary

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