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The Tesla Battery Report

出版商 Total Battery Consulting 商品編碼 311214
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 130 Slides
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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Tesla:搭載電池報告 The Tesla Battery Report
出版日期: 2016年05月16日 內容資訊: 英文 130 Slides


第1章 Tesla的急速成長和EV市場方向性

  • Tesla的來自汽車產業的傳統觀點
  • Teslasuprise
  • EV技術和市場課題

第2章 EV電池技術的背景

  • 電池單元的設計
  • 主要的材料
  • 模組及包裝設計

第3章 EV電池技術:Tesla vs 過去的產品

  • 車輛設計
  • 壽命
  • 安全性
  • 成本

第4章 Tesla的電池的智慧財產權:領域和重要性

第5章 Gigafactory:投資、課題、優點

第6章 Tesla的電池製造的年度成本估計(日本、美國)、出貨量的變化與預測

第7章 Tesla對EV/電池產業的影響

  • 汽車設計
  • 電池技術
  • 原料的採購

第8章 EV市場及EV電池市場預測

第9章 總論:Gigafactory及Tesla的未來的可能情況



Dr. Anderman's insightful report analyzes Tesla's success to date, the benefits and challenges associated with the Model 3 and the gigafactory, and the impact Tesla is having on automakers, battery producers, and the future of the EV industry.

Key Topics

  • Tesla's Model S success and the direction of the EV market
  • Model 3 and the gigafactory: stepping out of the Catch 22
  • EV battery technology: Tesla vs. conventional
  • EV battery cost
  • The gigafactory: ramp up, cost, challenges, benefits
  • Tesla battery annual production cost estimate (Japan/U.S.) vs. volume from 2013 to 2022
  • Tesla's impact on automakers
  • Tesla's impact on the battrey industry
  • EV market forecast to 2025
  • EV battery market forecast to 2025



  • Review an independent expert's analysis of the company that became the world's largest user of Li-Ion batteries overnight and of its battery technology

Battery producers:

  • Anticipate the OEM's response to Tesla's success.

Material producers:

  • Explore Tesla's potential impact on the xEV battery supply chain.

Energy providers:

  • Stay abreast of the technology and trends in the EV market.

Corporate and financial investors:

  • Use the Report's insightful EV battery technology cost and market assessments to guide your investment decisions.


Cost Summary (per kWh) for Tesla Battery*

*A detailed analysis is included in Section VI.


Dr. Menahem Anderman, President, Total Battery Consulting, Inc.

As the world's leading independent expert on advanced automotive batteries, Dr. Anderman provides technological assessments to companies worldwide. His client list includes most major automakers, leading international battery developers and suppliers, financial institutions, and government agencies. His access to automakers and battery companies gives Dr. Anderman insight into the latest trends in the advanced-vehicle market.

Table of Contents

I. Tesla's Sudden Success and the Direction of the EV Market

  • 1. The Automakers' Conventional View of EVs
  • 2. The Tesla Surprise
  • 3. EV Technology and Market Challenges

II. EV Battery Technology Background

  • 1. Cell Design
  • 2. Key Materials
  • 3. Module and Pack Design

III. EV Battery Technology: Tesla vs. Conventional

  • 1. Design
  • 2. Life
  • 3. Safety
  • 4. Cost

IV. Tesla Battery IP by Subject Matter and Significance

V. The Gigafactory: Investment, Challenges, Benefits

VI. Tesla Battery Annual Production Cost Estimate (Japan/U.S.) vs. Volume from 2013 to 2025

VII. Tesla's Impact on the EV/Battery Industry

  • 1. Vehicle Design
  • 2. Battery Technology
  • 3. Materials Sourcing

VIII. EV Market and EV Battery Market Forecast to 2020

IX. Conclusion: Likely Scenarios for the Gigafactory and Tesla's Future

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