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混合動力汽車及電動車的未來:電動化車輛 (xEV) 產業的內線報告

The xEV Industry Insider Report: Assessing the Future of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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混合動力汽車及電動車的未來:電動化車輛 (xEV) 產業的內線報告 The xEV Industry Insider Report: Assessing the Future of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
出版日期: 2016年12月31日 內容資訊: 英文

本報告以各國的電動化車輛 (以下xEV) 及各種電池的市場相關人員的訪談為基礎,提供全球的xEV市場及xEV用電池市場最新的技術趨勢與今後的市場趨勢預測相關分析,全球各地的xEV (HEV、EV、PHEV等) 市場發展趨勢,及各種電池 (電池單元/電池) 市場目前技術水準與成本/價格趨勢,今後的技術、市場方向性,xEV廠商/電池製造商簡介、業績、策略等資訊彙整,為您概述為以下內容。

第1章 xEV市場趨勢

  • 概要
  • 全球各地的汽車市場
  • 汽車市場未來預測
  • 汽車各製造公司的方向性

第2章 xEV用鋰離子電池技術

  • HEV用電池
  • EV、PHEV用電池

第3章 xEV用電池市場未來預測

  • HEV
  • 材料需求

第4章 技術、市場趨勢預測 (到2025年)

第5章 各電池製造公司的方向性



Based on an analysis of the major automakers' plans and regional conditions worldwide

Dr. Menahem Anderman's xEV Industry Insider Report provides an unbiased appraisal of the progress of hybrid and electric vehicles and advanced automotive battery technology results. Based on onsite interviews with over 15 automakers and 25 of the key battery cell system and component suppliers, the Report includes:

  • Regional market conditions worldwide
  • Plans of major automakers
  • The cost-benefits ratios of emerging vehicles and battery technologies
  • Market forecasts for each significant automaker and battery producer

The report also presents an uncompromised view of:

  • Future regulations/subsidies and their impact US, China, and Europe
  • HEV market direction for low and high voltage
  • EV and PHEV battery range, cost, and consumer interest
  • Battery technology cost, performance, life, and safety

The xEV Industry Insider Report is:

  • Comprehensive: Covering both vehicle and battery technology and the xEV market
  • Technically deep: Reviewing cell and battery design, performance, cost, life, and safety
  • Insightful: Based on the input of executives from major automakers and their suppliers
  • Analytical: Examining which battery for which xEV and why
  • Impartial: A realistic, unbiased assessment of both technology and market by an independent expert

Key issues addressed by the xEV Reports

xEV Technology & Market Direction:


  • What are the lessons for the industry from Tesla's success?
  • What is the ideal electric range?
  • How far will battery cost come down without impacting safety and durability?
  • Where are the business opportunities for existing and new players?


  • The impact of Chinese and European regulations
  • What is the ideal electric range?
  • Will cost come down fast enough to make up for reduction in subsidies?
  • Which vehicles and battery makers will take significant market share?


  • Will low-voltage systems stay at 14V or trend up to 48V, and when?
  • Are high-voltage mild hybrids doomed?
  • Will Honda's recent move seriously challenge Toyota's hybrid leadership?
  • What are the crucial challenges for Lead-Acid batteries?
  • Will ultracapacitors finally find an automotive mass market (in micro-2 hybrids)?
  • Does the Nickel-Metal Hydride technology have lasting potential?
  • Which battery producers and designs will win in the marketplace?



  • Benefit from our insights into the future cost, performance, and durability of advanced automotive batteries.

Battery producers:

  • Assess the direction of both the advanced automotive market and individual companies.

Material producers:

  • Learn about business opportunities and technical requirements for battery materials in the xEV market.

Energy providers:

  • Stay abreast of the technology and trends behind vehicle electrification.

Corporate and financial investors:

  • Gain insights into the technology and market challenges to better guide your investment decisions.

Table of Contents

I. xEV Market Trends

  • 1. Overview
  • 2. Vehicle Markets by Region
  • 3. Vehicle Market Forecast
  • 4. Directions of Individual Automakers

II. Lithium-Ion Battery Technology for xEVs

  • 1. Key Design Parameters
  • 2. HEV Batteries
  • 3. EV & PHEV Batteries

III. xEV Battery Market Forecast to 2020

  • 1. xEV Market Overview
  • 2. HEV
  • 3. PHEV & EV
  • 4. Demand for Materials

IV. Technology and Market Development to 2025

V. Directions of Individual Battery Makers

VI. Appendix

  • 1. Levels of Vehicle Hybridization
  • 2. Lead-Acid and NiMH HEV Batteries and Ultracapacitors
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