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BMI Research: Water

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出版日期 年間契約型資訊服務 內容資訊 英文
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線上資料庫:水處理產業 BMI Research: Water
出版日期: 內容資訊: 英文


  • 水開採
  • 水消費量
  • 改善的水源利用人口
  • 公共衛生
  • 支援網路
  • 污水網路



關於全球各國市場的高實用性分析:提供一般認為會影響水處理產業相關組織的新趨勢、風險、商機之最新資訊。從水消費量、廢水處理、飲用水到污水等各種計劃相關分析,皆可在Business Monitor Online的平台或使用可客製化的電子郵件送信功能取得。





  • 亞太地區(10個國家)
  • 非洲(3個國家)
  • 貂美國(7個國家)
  • 中東(9個國家)
  • 歐洲(15個國家)


  • 搜尋功能:全文檢索、企業搜尋、各地各國搜尋、各產業搜尋等,可從各種角度加以搜尋檢索。
  • 下載功能:新聞、報告、資料等您所需的資訊皆可以Excel、PDF格式下載
  • 郵件通知功能:可設定您正在觀察的地區、國家、主題的更新通知
  • 聯繫分析師:您可直接寫信給各負責內容的分析師。分析師會個別回應您的詢問。
  • ●跨國公司、銀行、保險企業的決策負責人:可活用水處理產業的相關分析,基於可靠的情報進行產業策略及投資、業務相關決策。/font>
  • ●顧問和水處理部門的專家:以不偏特定立場的專業性分析深入討論,讓您可基於可靠情報向客戶及合作伙伴提供建議。
  • ●各國的政府機關:可活用這個資料庫分析,在關係到複數部門的宏觀策略環境下,將政策具體化、並得到理解各個層面後得來的決策所需的進行方針。

Whether you're a company looking to invest in water infrastructure, evaluate growth strategies in increasingly competitive environments, develop value-added or develop market-level data and forecasts. We show you how and where business risks are most concentrated and highlight investment opportunities waiting to be taken in global Water markets.

The Service

We monitor 74 countries, keeping you up-to-date with new water sector developments driven by or benefitting Infrastructure, Food Production, and Mining companies, and the latest emerging market opportunities afforded by mergers and acquisitions, government programmes and incentives, and new project developments.

Access all of our Water content through BMI Research.

Daily Views

Actionable analysis across 44 global markets. Keep up-to-date with emerging trends, risks and opportunities affecting your organisation. From regional overviews of water extraction, water consumption, wastewater treatment to access drinking water, to connections to mains water to sewage networks, all analysis is available via the platform or as customisable daily email alerts.

Reports & Strategic Content

In-depth reports on 44 global markets. We combine macroeconomic forecasts with industry specific analysis to produce quarterly reports covering economic and political outlooks, 5 and 10-year industry forecasts, regulatory regimes, competitive landscapes and industry trends.

Data & Forecasting

Compare and export data for 44 global markets. You can quickly and easily access 1.24m+ lines of data, with 5 or 10-year forecasts across developed, emerging and frontier markets.

Analyst Access

Direct access to our Water analysts. Discuss key views and forecasts with the experts behind the analysis and gain insight on the key issues affecting your organisation.

Our analysis and forecasts are used by 400 of the Fortune 500 companies

Unique Benefits

Connected coverage

Integration with our Infrastructure, Mining, Country Risk, Food & Drink, Tourism and Petrochemicals research teams means you benefit from cross-vertical views and analysis on key issues impacting the Water industry.

Track record

The Water team has a proven track record in monitoring industry developments and evolving business strategies, highlighting the most pertinent risks and opportunities in your chosen markets.

We cover 195 global markets, specialising in frontier and emerging markets

Who buys and why?

  • Decision makers from utilities companies, multinational corporations, banks, pension funds and insurance companies use our Water analysis to inform their strategic, investment or operational decisions.
  • Consultancies and sector specialists leverage our independence and expertise to further their views and advise clients and partners in the most informed way.
  • Government departments use our analysis to help shape policy and guide fully rounded decision making within a multi-sector and macro-strategy environment.
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